Havas launches Brooklyn Film Festival campaign

(New work for The BFF from Havas New York)

Havas New York CCO Dan Lucey has made it a mandate that in addition to doing great creative that the agency remains on an ongoing mission to craft and develop work that not only resonates but is driven by culture. That directive comes through clearly in the agency’s new creative for New York’s, Brooklyn Film Festival (BFF)

The partnership between longest running international festival and Havas NY is inspired by a year that played out like a dystopian thriller. Because, let’s face it – if 2020 were a movie, it would win big at this year’s festival.  

Reflecting the theme “The Clearing,” Lucey and director Ben Quinn, Creative Director of Hemingway Films, created two ads that grapple with the unprecedented realities of quarantining, where the most routine events have become tense and chaotic.

The campaign, directed by Ben Quinn, Creative Director, Hemingway Films, features two ads that grapple with the unprecedented realities of quarantining, where the most routine events have become tense and chaotic.

In the first, “Visitors,” new parents are seemingly haunted by a set of elderly folks, but the visitors are merely yearning to see their newborn grandchild through socially distanced glass windows.

In the other Brooklyn Film Fest spot, “Expedition,” the simple act of grocery shopping is dramatized in a post-apocalyptic style as a couple prepares to venture out into their eerily vacant New York City neighborhood.

“We were inspired by a year that played out like a dystopian thriller. When you think about it, 2020 was truly stranger than fiction with the most unimaginable script – and that’s what we brought to life with each narrative. We couldn’t be happier to partner with the Brooklyn Film Festival on these films,”  says Lucey.

Through these Brooklyn Film Fest spots, Havas New York not only brings the last year to life through compelling film, they are also celebrating community and a return of the arts, which were significantly impacted by COVID-19.

“Working with Havas NY has been an incredible experience for our organization. The Clearing is the theme we picked for the 24th annual edition of the Brooklyn Film Festival and Havas NY was able to convey our message in a smart, insightful, and charming way. Without a doubt, their work will enhance both the image and the spirit of our multi-layered event,” chimes in Marco Ursino, Executive Director Brooklyn Film Festival.

The films will be broadcast on WENT, shown on Big Screen Plaza on 6th Avenue, and used as trailers at the festival itself. Plus, they will be shown across social platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


CLIENT: Brooklyn Film Festival 

AGENCY: Havas, New York  

  • Dan Lucey, chief creative officer
  • Tim Maleeny, president & chief strategy officer
  • Jay Hunt, group creative director
  • Mary Ashton Burgh, Akos Papp, Juliana Bonsanti, Matthew DeCosta, creative directors
  • Alexis DeMontaigu, head of strategic planning
  • Suzanne Crowe, executive producer
  • Cathy Pitegoff, head of production
  • Melissa Tifrere, head of integrated production

PRODUCTION: Hemingway Films

  • Ben Quinn, creative director/director
  • Charlotte Woodhead, exec producer
  • Sally Hanson, producer
  • Joan Wu, production manager
  • Tim Hudson, DP
  • Kim Rees, production designer
  • Fiona Chilcott, costume designer
  • Michele McKaig, key hair & makeup

EDIT: Arcade Edit

  • Brad Waskewich, editor
  • Sila Soyer, partner/exec producer
  • Sam Barden, assistant editor
  • Ellen Lavery, producer
  • Tristian Wake, Flame artist
  • Mark Popham, Flame assistant
  • Audio Post Honeymix
  • Eric Thompson, founding partner/mixer
  • Conrad Sanguineti, mixer
  • Mary Tomasiewicz, founding partner/exec producer 

COLOR: The Mill 

  • Fergus McCall, colorist
  • Rochelle Brown, exec producer
  • Lucy Gatanis, associate producer
  • Andrew Ceen, David Franzo, Sr. color assistants
  • Aaliyah Lambert, Stephanie Park, color assistants 


  • Jonah Hall, VFX supervisor. 

MUSIC: Ring The Alarm

  • Jimmy Ascuitto, Stuart Miller, composers
  • Renee Krumweide, exec producer
  • Dylan Marder, creative director.