National nonprofit to provide films to charities at no cost

Andy and Ashley McEntire

(Credit: Tina Sargent)

Andy and Ashley McEntire, co-owners of Indie Atlantic Films and Concord Coffee, announced today the launch of Give Visuals Inc., which will bring together filmmakers, creative artists and thought leaders to tell the stories of nonprofit organizations around the world.

Filmmakers are generous people, and the McEntires have a long history of giving back. Andy McEntire, a successful filmmaker and entrepreneur, has made pro bono work for nonprofits a priority for Indie Atlantic Films since its inception in 2006.

Before Andy and Ashley McEntire married in 2011, they traveled to South Korea to visit an orphanage that cared for children with disabilities. While there, the couple began to dream about how they could tell the stories of nonprofits around the world.

Realizing that the storytelling need was greater than they could meet alone, the McEntires founded their own nonprofit, Give Visuals, Inc. (GiveVisuals), to gather resources and support organizations with visual storytelling tools.

“GiveVisuals simultaneously solves two problems,” said Andy McEntire, GiveVisuals founder and co-chair. “There are tens of thousands of emerging charities around the globe working tirelessly in service to others, fighting poverty, disease and isolation. These innovators are changing the world one life at a time. Too often, the work done by these agencies remains unrevealed.

“Many working in filmmaking and creative arts want to give back, but they do not have the connections needed to seek out and qualify charities deserving of their services. By joining together qualified nonprofits with filmmaker and creative partners, GiveVisuals produces high-quality films for its clients to use in raising awareness, advocates and funds.”

Founder and Co-Chair Ashley McEntire said: “We are grateful for the support of an amazing board of directors that shares our passion for storytelling. These talented leaders are actively engaged in helping us grow GiveVisuals. It has been overwhelming to see the talented filmmakers embracing our vision and signing on as partners in this important work.”

The GiveVisuals program is unique. Nonprofit organizations interested in becoming clients are asked to submit an online application that details the work of the organization and its storytelling needs. The application also provides a comprehensive overview of the organization’s mission, structure, operations, financial condition, and anticipated project impact.

Approved charities receive storytelling services at no cost. GiveVisuals clients commit to provide quarterly results on the impact of services provided for a minimum of three years and may be asked to participate in crowdsource funding to offset extraordinary project expenses. Depending on the complexity of the story and the distance traveled to work together, projects are expected to take from three to six months to move through the application and creative cycles.

Filmmaker and creative partners donate their services to help GiveVisuals complete approved film projects. Prospective filmmaker and creative partners also are asked to apply online and submit creative work for review. Approved filmmaker and creative partners gain access to a network of film industry professionals passionate about changing lives and can display their membership in the GiveVisuals network on their websites and marketing materials.

The first GiveVisuals film telling the story of a Lakeland nonprofit, Volunteers in Service to the Elderly (VISTE), was revealed to the VISTE Board of Directors today and will premiere in Lakeland at the nonprofit’s annual meeting in June.

Through a network of more than 1,000 volunteers, VISTE provides innovative solutions for more than 4,200 clients, enabling the frail elderly to remain safely and independently in their own homes. The organization is managing an unprecedented surge of new clients as Baby Boomers become seniors.

GiveVisuals’ operations are led by Kathy Wallen, MBA, who serves as chief executive officer and storytelling strategist.

“Stories have limitless power,” Wallen said. “They teach us and inspire us to make the world a better place. Facts and data become deeply personal struggles and triumphs. People learn more quickly, remember information more deeply and are moved to act. We are honored to work alongside the gifted people who make GiveVisuals a strong organization for change.”

Source: Give Visuals, Inc