Generation Iron’s Bradley Martyn doc set for 12/1 streaming debut

(Courtesy Generration Iron)

Generation Iron, the global digital media company focused on health, fitness, bodybuilding, and strength sports, is set to premiere its latest original documentary, Bradley Martyn: The Influencer, on December 1st.

The documentary explores the life of Bradley Martyn, the YouTube fitness sensation, and will be available on top streaming platforms, including Amazon, Google Play, and Apple TV in English-speaking territories.


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Directed by award-winning documentarian Vlad Yudin, the film delves into the extraordinary journey of Bradley Martyn, who has amassed over 10 million dedicated followers. Beyond the sculpted physique and charismatic online presence, Martyn’s story reveals resilience and transformation. Having faced the tragic loss of his father to suicide at the age of six, Martyn turned his pain into inspiration, using fitness and positivity to uplift his mental and physical well-being.

The documentary sheds light on Martyn’s complex past while capturing his current endeavors, including his role as the owner of the popular Zoo Culture Gym during the pandemic, expanding his coaching business, and staying connected with his loyal fanbase. Watch the trailer below:


Vlad Yudin, the filmmaker, expressed enthusiasm about sharing Martyn’s story, stating, “His story is one of perseverance and hope, and we hope that viewers will benefit and learn from this true and candid look into Bradley’s world.”

The documentary not only unravels the complexities of Martyn’s past but also captures his legal battle against the city of Los Angeles as he keeps Zoo Culture gym open during the COVID-19 pandemic, advocating for freedom of speech and the right to participate in physical activities. It also features appearances by members of The Nelk Boys, TikTok star Noah Beck, and Mike Tornabene.

Martyn’s pursuits in expanding his media empire alongside The Nelk Boys are chronicled, portraying him as a groundbreaking figure redefining success in bodybuilding and demonstrating that resilience and purpose can turn adversity into a beacon of hope.

Filmmaker Vlad Yudin, known for titles like Generation Iron Ronnie Coleman The King, The Hurt Business, Last Day Of Summer and Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer has a track record of creating compelling sport documentaries. Bradley Martyn: The Influencer is poised to offer viewers a genuine and inspiring insight into the life of a fitness megastar.

Watch the entire film here.

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