Gap reopens New York office after COVID-19 scare

With COVID-19 cases mounting and no vaccine in sight for the near future, many companies are beginning to avoid the risk of their employees contracting the virus by going to extreme lengths. The Gap, which according to Ad Age, has halted its global media pitch as well as international production, abruptly closed its New York office after a memo went out to its workforce last week that one of its employees had tested positive for Coronavirus.

Once that report was confirmed to be inaccurate, the 55 Thomas Street corporate office reopened.

“We can confirm that the report of an individual in our Gap headquarters building in New York testing positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19) was inaccurate,” Gap spokesperson Trina Somera said in a statement, confirming the office reopened on Monday. The company had closed the office last week “out of an abundance of caution,” it said.

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The situation is just an example that corporate America along with major events, concert tours and sporting events are facing as the deadly virus, which shares symptoms with common colds and the flu, spreads. More and more companies are facing the prospect of having mandatory-work-from-home policies.

SOURCE: Bloomberg