Fur-real: TaskRabbit customers can book bunny

(A bunny with every task)

TaskRabbit, the global network that connects people seeking help with household tasks to skilled, reliable Taskers from their local communities, has launched TaskRABBITS, an ear-resistible, complimentary new service. Beginning today, when a customer books a task, they can request a real-life bunny hops along while their Tasker gets to work.

TaskRabbit’s mission is to help make life easier through its extensive range of services, and now the global platform is looking to spread even more ch-ear with the launch of TaskRABBITS. The add-on service is available on all tasks that take place within the home, be it painting, plumbing, furniture assembly or cleaning.

Customers can leave the dust bunnies to the professionals, and focus their attention on actual bunnies. Taskers will arrive equipped not only with all the tools and supplies they need to get the task done, but also an adorable TaskRABBITS bunny, food, toys, a pen and a carrier —everything needed for the bunny to play safely and hoppily with their newest human friend. Watch the new launch video below:

“After such a challenging year for so many, we launched TaskRABBITS as the perfect opportunity to lett-uce spread cheer for our customers this Spring, while our talented Taskers take care of their to-do lists,” said Rebecca Weill, Director of PR and Content at TaskRabbit.

“Our lives are going to become a little busier than before as we start to get back to normal, so outsourcing that ever-growing list of to-dos has never been more important,” added Professor Jessica O’Hare, behavioral psychologist.

“What’s more, having some down time with a new fluffy friend can work wonders for your wellbeing, so I carrot recommend the new TaskRABBITS service enough!”

For every task booked on April 1, TaskRabbit will donate $1 to nonprofit partners in the U.S. and U.K. (up to $4000), including House Rabbit Society, Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation, Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group and Little Furries Rabbit Rescue, to support the vital work they do rescuing and rehoming bunnies in danger.