Framestore takes us BTS of John Cena Experian spot

In this new multi-spot campaign for Experian, Framestore teamed up with MikeTeevee and RESET director Gary Freedman to demonstrate that it’s now possible to increase your credit score in an instant with Experian Boost.

In the first spot of the series, titled “Stampede,” a hero character (Cena) saves the day for a downtrodden man stranded with his broken down truck in the desert and a sign reading “credit denied.” The hero proudly leads a herd of purple cows that come hurtling towards the man, repeatedly calling out the word “Experian” as the cows respond with a low, rumbling “Booooost.”

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The project presented a number of exciting challenges for the largely LA-based Framestore team, which has deep experience when it came to creating photorealistic animals. From building a CGI creature that move seamlessly regardless of the motion being captured, to finding the perfect purple hue of the cow’s fur, every detail was painstakingly considered.

The team was overseen by Executive Creative Director Aron Hjartarson, while Animation Supervisor Andrew Daffy helped to lead creative and facilitate the overall vision.

Daffy also worked hands-on with a body double and puppeteers from Creature FX to ensure they performed the right movements for the animation cycles of the cow performances required as John Cena rode a mechanical stand-in during the shoot.

The compositing, led by Martin Lazaro, relied on Nuke for the intricate work involved in layering hundreds of furry animals embedded in thick clouds of dust and dirt into the live action plates.

The CG team supervised by Framestore veteran James Healy used Houdini for grooming, lighting, FX and crowd systems, which also relied on animation cycles created in Maya.



  • Todd Miller – Chief Creative Director
  • Aubrey Singer – Copywriter
  • Brett Pfeiffer – Art Director
  • Kevin Everhart – Vice President of Consumer and Brand marketing
  • Daren Levis – Director Advertising


  • Ellen Utrecht – Executive Producer / Founder
  • Hannah Blackwell – Senior Produce
  • Valerija Mizula – Production coordinator


  • Gary Freedman – Director
  • Aris McGarry – Line Producer
  • Jen Beitler – Executive Producer

EDIT: Final Cut

MUSIC: Elias

  • Jonathan Elias – Chief Creative Officer
  • Vincenzo Lorusso – Executive Creative
  • Director Krista Staudt – Executive Producer
  • Eric Ronick – Creative Director
  • Evan Wood – Engineer

MIX: Eleven

  • Jeff Payne – Mix and Sound Design
  • Andrew Smith – Assistant Mixer
  • Melissa Elston – EP
  • Imani Franklin – Producer

POST/VFX: Framestore

  • Aron Hjartson, Executive Creative Director
  • Andrew Daffy, Creative & Animation Supervisor
  • James Healy, CG Supervisor
  • Jonah Hall, Houdini lead
  • Martin Lazaro, Flame lead
  • Telecine: Beau Leon

SOURCE: Framestore