Florence and Grindr give us kink with a wink


LA-based production studio Florence and social network Grindr have launched a new campaign my tags.

It’s described as “a new inclusive campaign that celebrates the interests of Grindr’s vastly diverse userbase with a wink and a nod.” The campaign, which is Grindr’s first commercial work, consists of four 15-second spots and a longer 30-second version cut that will be featured on social and online channels. 

Conceived as “one big wink” to Grindr’s userbase, the four spots – Kink, Rough, Pits, and Bubblebutt – are cheeky and ironic takes on each featured tag. An observed lens allows viewers to feel as if they are discovering the action as it is unfolding, normalizing what might be considered taboo subjects by grounding them in everyday settings with relatable characters and storylines. The campaign is Grindr’s first film campaign and is directed by Evan Sterrett, an in-house Creative Director. Watch the long-form version below:

In Kink, while remedying the source of a malfunctioning sprinkler in the front yard — a kink in the garden hose — viewers are treated to a leather-clad gardener with a penchant for S&M.

Rough suggests that the neighbor with a wood-working man cave in his garage could be putting the finishing touches on his handmade paddle.

Avocados are one-upped in Pits as the protagonist’s fetish is triggered by his topless roommate reaching for something in the kitchen cupboard.

And Bubblebutt is an ode to those who love some junk in the trunk. Colorful, story-rich imagery from each of the shorter films is woven into the longer-format film, encouraging people to embrace their kinky side and explore their unique preferences without judgment.

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“‘My Tags’ is the perfect feature to showcase what makes Grindr special. No matter what you’re into, we’ve got it here, and we celebrate it. Wave your freak flag (tag) high,” says Sterrett. “When I approached Florence with the campaign concept for highlighting the fetish tags, they didn’t even bat an eye, they got it immediately. They have been an incredible production partner through every step of the project.”

“Grindr’s new campaign is all about acceptance and inclusion,” says Florence EP Ned Brown. “There’s nothing more healthy, liberating, and authentic than accepting people for who they are and letting them know it’s okay to express themselves fully.”

The creative is currently running,.



  • Marking Director: Alex Black
  • Creative Director: Evan Sterrett


  • Owner / Ep: Jerad Anderson
  • Managing Director / EP: Ned Brown
  • Head of Production: Matt Griffo
  • EP: Ryan Kincade
  • EP: Eduardo Cardenas
  • Director: Evan Sterrett
  • Producer: Eduardo Cardenas
  • Line Producer: Maria B. Fernandez
  • Production Manager: Joey Fitzsimmons
  • 1st AD: Chelsey D’adesky
  • DP: Ernesto Lomeli
  • Production Designer: Erin Lynn Welsh
  • Casting Director: Tim Harrington

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