Finish Detergent launches #SkiptheRinse for Earth Day


On Earth Day, Finish Detergent partnered with Havas New York have launched “#SkipTheRinse” encouraging their customers to start saving water now by skipping the unnecessary pre-rinsing of dishes—because every drop of water is precious and stopping unnecessary rinsing could save 150 billion gallons of water every year!  
Starting on 4/22, Finish Detergent will start raising awareness of the issue of the water crisis by geo-tagging 14 lakes and rivers on Instagram with photos of people rinsing their dishes.

Users can see the geo-tagged content by visiting their Instagram page @finishdetergent and by clicking the location of one of the 14 bodies of water.  The brand will also be running print ads in the Los Angeles Times.   

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Geo-Tagged sources include: Lake Tahoe, Lake Havasu, Folsom Lake, Lake Mead, Lake Powell, Colorado River, Lake Oroville, Lake Mendocino, Jacob’s Well, Lake Travis, San Joaquin River, Sacramento River, Osage River and the Missouri River.

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