McCann introduces State Street Global Advisors’ Liquidity Maze

State Street
(Courtesy McCann)

Whatever you get into, make sure you can get out. That’s the challenge State Street Global Advisors is putting to financial advisors, who are in constant search for liquidity in a volatile, competitive market.

It’s also the idea behind the Liquidity Maze, an immersive, panoramically engaging VR experience the company and its highly liquid DIA fund are launching at Exchange: An ETF Experience, the industry’s first big conference in two years, on April 11–14 in Miami. 

Created by McCann New York, The Liquidity Maze gamifies the quest for liquidity and challenges our audience to get in and out as quickly as possible. If players get stuck, State Street Global Advisors is there to help, via a blue Liquidity Orb that shows them the way. Watch the teaser, streaming on Social Media, below:

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The experience consists of 5 unique levels culminating in the Liquidity Room, where players achieve liquidity and are given their final time. A leaderboard at our booth ranks the top 10 players at the 2,000-person conference and tallies up the $30,000 in donations State Street has committed to charities across the three-day event.  Watch the desktop walkthrough below:

Housed in a sleek booth with undulating, liquid-like sides, the maze is designed to stand out and let the audience know that State Street Global Advisors and its DIA fund are there to help them find the liquidity they’re looking for.


CLIENT: State Street Global Advisors

  • Global Head of Brand Marketing & Communications: John Brockelman
  • Head of SPDR ETF Marketing, North America: Sarah Estwick
  • Marketing Director: Kelly Beaudin
  • Vice President, Advertising & Paid Media: Kristie Tillinghast
  • Event Program Manager, SPDR® Event Marketing: Meaghan Giangregorio
  • Vice President, SPDR® Event Marketing: Kristina Mannis
  • Senior Associate, Marketing: Devon Laudadio


  • SVP Group Creative Director: Gene Campanelli
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  • Senior Art Director: Luzdivina Ruiz
  • SVP Executive Director of Innovation Production: Mihae Mukaida
  • Event Producer: Amber Briscoe
  • Digital Producer: Sean Flanigan
  • Producer: Isabel Conte
  • SVP Group Strategy Director: Anna Andreis
  • VP Strategy Director: Daniel Lammon
  • EVP, Global Account Director: Rob Rawley
  • SVP, Executive Account Director: Amber Greenwalt
  • Account Director: Cheryl Edwards
  • Senior Account Executive: Catherine Peta
  • Senior Project Manager: Torey Koltun
  • Business Manager: David Halberstadt

Craft NY

  • Executive Print Producer: Eileen Kaufman 
  • Brand Content Creator: Brett Berman 
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  • Senior Producer: Zoe Greene

VFX: Preymaker | Creative + Technology

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Fabrication Company:  The New Motor

  • Design Consultation/Fabrication: Jorge Parreira
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A/V: NMR Events

A/V Design Consultant, Producer: Eric Skoloda

MUSIC: Amber Music

  • Sound Design: Daniel Nolan
  • Music: Amber Music
  • Music Supervisor / Unreal Sound Mix Advisor: Mike Perri
  • Executive Producer / CD / Unreal Sound Mix Advisor: Michelle Curran

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