Filmmaker Ranarivelo stops the monster snore

Prolific film writer and director Alex Ranarivelo has leapt over to the commercial side to write, direct and produce his first spot for family business SnoreStop.

The spot, entitled ‘Conquer your Monster,’ is the first work he has done for SnoreStop, the successful ‘snoring specialists’ company Alex’s parents started in 1995 and is still owned and operated by the family today.

The execution depicts a young girl in medieval knight PJs bravely running into her parents’ room to slay a hideous (CGI) monster as her ‘mother’ cowers in terror. The monster actually turns out to be her father’s snoring. The spot ends with the girl reminding dad he “forgot” his SnoreStop. Watch below:

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Made on a shoestring budget under $5,000, an entire crew of seven and fully Covid-19 compliant, the goal was to make as BIG a spot as possible under the circumstances and budget constraints.

“It really was a family affair,” said Ranarivelo, who himself plays the dad in the spot, along with his niece as the girl, sister-in-law as the mother and lifelong friend Reuben Steinberg as director of photography.

“By working together with what we had we were able to make a “Big Game” size spot on a YouTube budget.” A big part of that was the legitimately scary and imposing monster brought to life by visual effects artist Connor Thomas, who, like Steinberg, had previously worked on Alex’s features.

Alex also has a Lionsgate film premiering on VOD on January 22, 2021, an MMA drama called Born a Champion starring Dennis Quaid and Sean Patrick Flannery.

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Hmm. The Reel 360 Team may need to look into this.


CLIENT: SnoreStop

  • Producer: Alex Ranarivelo
  • Director: Alex Ranarivelo
  • Director of Photography: Reuben Steinberg
  • Co-Producer: Daniel Aspromonte
  • Associate Producer: George Kosturos
  • Visual Effects Artist: Connor Thomas
  • Hair and Makeup: Erin Blinn
  • Audio Mix & Sound Design: Alex Ranarivelo
  • Music: Amadeus Mozart
  • The Girl: Athena Devemark
  • Mom: Melody Devemark
  • Dad: Alex Ranarivelo

SOURCE: The Prenner Group