Doritos new TikTok challenge: taste-tester

(Are you up for Doritos new TikTok challenge?)

What was your dream job growing up? Was it a professional athlete, a lawyer, rock star, astronaut or something like that? What if you were told that you could get paid to eat to taste Doritos?! Introducing the real dream job: Doritos Nacho Cheese Flavor Confirmer. 

That wasn’t a typo. Doritos is looking to find the next taste-tester extraordinaire. The job description is simple: test a Doritos Nacho Cheese chip every day to confirm the flavor tastes the same as it always has.  

The best part? You’ll get paid $100 a day for one month to do so.  That’s like $3000. A lot of chips.

In a new TikTok video, influencer, AdamW, invites fans to apply by posting a duet interview video. You can check out the kickoff video below: 


#ad DORITOS® Flavor Confirmer hiring starts NOW. #Duet this & use #DoritosFlavorconfirmer #entry & @doritos Details:

♬ original sound – Adam W

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The top five applications will be shared on the Doritos TikTok channel where fans’ can simply like their favorite video to help determine who will be the first-ever Doritos Flavor Confirmer.  The winner will be crowned in early September. 

The Flavor Confirmer TikTok challenge is part of the brand’s larger advertising effort to showcase how Doritos Nacho Cheese is the one true constant in the snack game. Why specifically the Nacho Cheese Flavor Confirmer?

Nacho Cheese is the brand’s oldest and most iconic flavor, and Doritos is on a mission this year through its “Forever on Another Level” campaign to remind the world that you don’t mess with timeless perfection. 

Fans have until August 16 to apply.