Dollar Shave Club celebrates Father’s Day with ‘Dad bod’


So how does one earn a “Reel Ad of the Week” label?

It’s actually very easy, you have to bring a tear to the Reel 360’s teams’ eyes.

Yes, make us cry from something so touching. Or…

Be funny AF.

And that is how Dollar Shave Club’s celebration to the man of the house – Dad – earned its ranking this week.

Me, being a Dad, I realize dad bods come in many shapes and sizes, from squeezable love handles to mall Santa Claus impersonators.

Yeah, because we work our asses off, we don’t get to sport around the chiseled physique and that is why I love, DSC’s ‘Manifique: A Father’s Day Gift,’ a true showcase and celebration of dads. True is the key word here.

As Father’s Day approaches, Dollar Shave Club has organized its first-ever DadBod Gift Set, the perfect gift to help dad look, feel and smell his best. It’s filled with everything a dad needs for daily grooming, including shave butter, lotions, shampoos, razors and even toothpaste.

(‘Dad Bod’ gift set from Dollar Shave Club)

Directed by Revolver/Will O’Rourke x Biscuit Filmworks’ The Glue Society, we open on one potbellied Dad wearing just a towel against a black screen. As the music starts, he sways back and forth to the techno beat. Then, spotlight on two more men, then several more, all spotlighted on pedestals in various states of dad-ness.

In the middle of the 1:47 video, they line up for a choreographed dance to the original song, Dadbod, which features a growling voice over a catchy beat you would hear thumping out of any bar in West Hollywood. Lyrics like “I work hard to get my dad bod…my physique, is unique… manifique” follow.

After the synchronized dance moves with razors, grills and brooms, the dance ends with a text-over that states “Whatever your bod, welcome to the club.” Watch below:

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The creative was done by Dollar Shave Club’s in-house team, and the video will run on social, digital and TV channels.

This is truly a spot I wish I had done. Consider me jealous.

Client/Agency: Dollar Shave Club In-House
   Chief Executive Officer: Michael Dubin
   Executive Creative Director, VP of Creative: Matt Knapp
   Executive Creative Director, VP of Creative: Alec Brownstein
   Senior Creative Director Matt Orser
   Senior Director, PMO: Carly Jansen
   Senior Manager, Creative Services: Terry Soltani
   VP, Brand Communications: Raechelle Hoki
   VP, Consumer & Corporate Communications: Kristina Cole

Production Company: Revolver/Will O’Rourke x Biscuit Filmworks
   Director: The Glue Society
   Director of Photography: Russell Boyd
   Managing Director/Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
   Executive Producer: Pip Smart
   Executive Producer/Producer: Jasmin Helliar
   Producer: Alexandra Taussig
   Producer: Isabella Vitelli

Post Production: The Glue Society Studios
   Editor: The Glue Society
   Colorist: Andy Clarkson
   Flame: Viv Baker

Audio Post Studio: Otis Studios
   Audio Engineer: Lukas Farry
   Music & Music Supervision

Song: “Dadbod” by Dadbod
   Music Supervision: Level 2

Source: Dollar Shave Club

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