DirecTV launches streaming service with the GOATbusters


DIRECTV has launch its GOATbusters national ad campaign featuring baseball legends Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson, highlighting the company’s streaming product, DIRECTV STREAM.

Created and developed by TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles, the foursome comes together to combat supernatural forces and other would-be foes through the 2022 MLB season, just like the Ghostbusters.

The campaign, directed by O Positive’s Jim Jenkins, builds on the first iteration of DIRECTV’s Get Your TV Together ad series featuring Serena Williams – which was named to Ad Age’s best celebrity ads of 2021 – and kicks off with two spots calling back to iconic Ghostbusters imagery, including a GOAT-style Infomercial for consumers haunted by their cable service.

The creative also nods to fan-favorite elements from the Ghostbusters movie, with MLB mascots reimagined as ghosts, new baseball bat-style proton pack weapons and the GOATs’ choice of transportation, a Ghostbusters Ecto-1 replica car. Watch the fun below:

There’s also a spot that pokes fun at the old Ghostbusters commercial featured in the first film.

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“When we launched last August, the initial version of Get Your TV Together so accurately captured the entertainment magic as well as cheeky nature of the DIRECTV STREAM brand that we are continuing the franchise this spring,” said Vince Torres, Chief Marketing Officer, DIRECTV. “As the TV world continues to get complicated, I think viewers will really see our passion to bring sports and entertainment back together, all in one place. And it doesn’t hurt to have the help of Ghostbusters and some of baseball’s greatest icons,” says DIRECTV Chief Marketing Officer, Vince Torres.

The campaign builds on the first iteration of DIRECTV’s Get Your TV Together ad series featuring Serena Williams as Wonder Woman – which was named to Ad Age’s best celebrity ads of 2021 – and kicks off with two spots calling back to iconic Ghostbusters imagery, including a GOAT-style Infomercial for consumers haunted by their cable service.

The campaign will also launch with creative social assets, including an AR game available on Facebook and Snapchat filters, including one to use while at the ballpark.

The GOATbuster will go live across on-air, outdoor, digital and multimedia channels. In addition, the first National Game GOATBusters will air in the national broadcast of Dodgers at Padres on 4/23 on MLB Network.

I ain’t afraid of No Goats.



  • Vince Torres: Chief Marketing Officer
  • Kendall Thaker: VP, Advertising and Go-To-Market
  • Sheri Holmes: Senior Director, Product Marketing Management
  • Jenn Wang: Lead Product Marketing Manager
  • Ty Tanioka: Product Marketing Manager

AGENCY: TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles

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  • Laura Mayer: Data Director
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  • Matt Theisen: Brand Lead
  • Carlos Quintanilla: Account Supervisor
  • Bridget Derraugh: Account Executive
  • Lawrence Gonzales: Project Manager


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  • Producers: Alexa Atkin & Tom Barnett


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