Directors Bureau welcomes Sing-Sing to roster

(Courtesy The Director’s Bureau)

The Directors Bureau has announced the addition of Sing-Sing to its esteemed director roster. A dynamic creative duo consisting of spatial designer Adi Goodrich and film and animation director Sean Pecknold is recognized for their unique ability to merge diverse skill sets and bring vibrant, larger-than-life concepts to life across a spectrum of mediums, including commercials, music videos, art, and design.

Sing-Sing’s approach to their craft is characterized by a spirit of collaboration and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries. Their work is renowned for its imaginative and playful qualities, coupled with an elegant simplicity that captivates audiences. This distinctive blend of creativity aligns perfectly with The Directors Bureau’s ethos, where collaboration and innovation are central to the creative process.

In a joint statement, Sing-Sing expressed their excitement about the partnership, stating, “Our work is inherently collaborative, as is the nature of The Directors Bureau, making it the perfect fit for us in our commercial endeavors.”

Roman Coppola, the Founder of The Directors Bureau, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting Sing-Sing’s imaginative and playful approach. “Sing-Sing’s work is imaginative and playful with an elegant simplicity. I’m very drawn to the diverse and handcrafted nature of their portfolio, as well as how they fluidly move between art forms, which is a hallmark of The Directors Bureau. Sing-Sing will be excellent partners for our upcoming creative adventures as we explore endeavors outside the 30-second commercial.”


Based in the creative hub of Los Angeles, Sing-Sing has established themselves as visual storytellers who infuse their projects with subtle whimsy and elevate impactful ideas through their multifaceted perspective.

Since their formation in 2015, they have embarked on projects for globally recognized brands, including Google, BBC, Apple, Sony, Netflix, Nike, Target, and Lyft. Additionally, Sing-Sing has directed captivating music videos for acclaimed artists such as John Legend and Fleet Foxes. Beyond their work in commercial direction, the duo is actively involved in the development of a stop-motion animation feature, showcasing their versatility and commitment to creative storytelling.

The addition of Sing-Sing to The Directors Bureau’s director roster promises to infuse fresh and imaginative perspectives into the agency’s creative endeavors, reaffirming its status as a hub of innovation in the world of advertising and visual storytelling.

Reel 360 News wishes Sing-Sing the best of luck at The Directors Bureau

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