Comedic visionary Jim Gilchrist joins Hey Wonderful

(Courtesy Hey Wonderful)

Jim Gilchrist, a comedic storytelling wizard with a knack for visual flair, is making waves in the industry. Known for his distinctive work in commercials and branded entertainment, Gilchrist has recently joined Hey Wonderful for US representation.

His portfolio boasts standout campaigns for brands like Purplebricks Estate Agents, MBNA Financial, and Sky Bet, where he combines humor with stylish visual storytelling.

Gilchrist’s impressive body of work includes award-winning hits like Nike’s “Manager” (featuring a younger Brett Goldstein, known as Ted Lasso’s Roy Kent), Tango Clear’s “Bravo,” Harvey Nichols’ “Backstage,” and Comfort’s “Nudist.” His talent lies in crafting comedic performances and engaging narratives that seamlessly blend reality with the absurd.

Michael Di Girolamo, Founder/Managing Partner of Hey Wonderful, expressed his excitement about Gilchrist’s unique style, saying, “I always look for comedy with great visuals and art direction. Jim’s performance and casting have a brilliant range from very dry to surreal, always grounded in reality whether the situation is mundane or ridiculous. He’s a brilliant storyteller at heart.”


Gilchrist, who initially worked on the agency side at Fallon London, transitioned to directing commercials in the UK and later the US. His commercials have received prestigious accolades, including Cannes Lions, D&AD Pencils, and British Arrows.

In addition to his photography passion, Gilchrist’s love for observational comedy significantly influences his commercial aesthetics. He has a remarkable ability to elevate comedy through performance and visual choices. Collaborating with stand-up comedians, as seen in campaigns like Purplebricks and MBNA, allows him to capture the essence of humor and perfect timing.

However, Gilchrist’s directorial prowess extends beyond comedy. He has directed emotionally resonant campaigns like Macmillan UK’s charity work, highlighting the importance of relationships in the lives of cancer sufferers. These ads emphasize the significance of normalcy and the desire not to be defined by the disease.

Beyond the realm of commercials, Gilchrist is actively developing a series called Champagne Supernova in partnership with Mark Gordon Pictures. Set in Britpop Britain (Manchester 1997), the series offers a unique twist on “The Great Gatsby” and promises to be a captivating addition to his creative portfolio.

Gilchrist’s arrival at Hey Wonderful marks an exciting chapter in his career, and audiences can anticipate more innovative and humorous storytelling in the world of commercials and entertainment.

Reel 360 News wishes Jim the best of luck at Hey Wonderful.

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