Cub Cadet shows grass is their turf in new study

(Cub Cadet introduces the “Lawnual”

Did you know that men are 11 times more likely than women to talk about their lawn? Somebody call Hank Hill? During this summer of social distancing, our grass has taken on more meaning. After all, we are spending way more time looking at them.

In order to gain a greater understanding of the United States’ true feelings toward yards and the “mowers behind the mowers,” award-winning agency Colle McVoy helped Cub Cadet conduct a nationwide study about yards.

They call it. Wait for it – The Lawnual Report 2020

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Containing 24 million data points of lawn stats, the findings will be featured in an online campaign and shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and supported by paid advertising.

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Cub Cadet says this report is just the tip of the “Grass-berg.”

SOURCE: Minneapolis Egotist