International Delight’s new partner stirs up self-expression

(Bob the Drag Queen)

The past year has ushered in a new, virtual normal that has many people clamoring for opportunities to express themselves. In the spirit of finding creative ways to express yourself fully and authentically, International Delight, known for celebrating uniqueness through flavor, is partnering with comedian, actor and champion of self-expression Bob the Drag Queen to inspire fans to turn routine moments into celebrations of their truest selves – even through a digital screen.

“We know that self-expression can come in small but impactful moments, like adding the perfect amount of your favorite creamer to your coffee, or big moments, like taking the stage,” said Leora Kelley, senior brand manager for International Delight. “We’re thrilled to partner with Bob the Drag Queen, who celebrates expression in many forms, to help fans bring those moments to life when we’re often only getting a neck-up view of our friends, family and coworkers.” 

International Delight knows starting the day with a favorite flavor in your coffee can turn room for creamer into room to party — kicking off the day with a mug-sized celebration. With Bob the Drag Queen, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8, International Delight is helping fans find that time for self-expression, whether your stage for the day is a flashy venue or your home office.

“It can be hard to be your truest self on a virtual screen; it’s definitely not the stage I’m used to,” said Bob the Drag Queen. “That’s why I’m excited to partner with International Delight – whose coffee creamers start my day with a personal party each morning – to share how to spark a self-expression celebration in our virtual routine, even when your look is all party on top and pajamas on the bottom.”

Bob the Drag Queen’s tips for expressing yourself to the fullest, even when virtual, include:

  • Make room for you — It’s important to find time in the day for yourself, even if it’s only five minutes. For me, that’s taking my time with my morning routine and adding a splash of Caramel Macchiato International Delight creamer to my coffee.
  • Feel gorgeous, look gorgeous – When choosing anything from an ensemble to a hairstyle to a pair of fake lashes, make sure you’re choosing them because they make you feel good, not because it’s what others are rocking. If you’re feeling good, you’re looking great.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – While I’m a firm believer in going all out for a look, no one’s going to know if you’ve got plush slippers on a couple feet below the screen. Take advantage and own those house shoes.
  • Use your voice — Even if it’s a camera-off kind of day, don’t forget about your most important asset: your voice. Expressing yourself with your words is one of the most powerful ways you can make an impact, so celebrate yourself and speak up.

Fans and coffee lovers can check out International Delight’s and Bob the Drag Queen’s pages on social (@indelight and @bobthedragqueen, respectively) to follow along for more tips on finding room to party in your coffee and your life.

In addition to partnering with Bob the Drag Queen to help fans authentically express themselves, International Delight is also launching its “Room to Party” creative campaign with a series of spots, created by agency Lightning Orchard, highlighting how International Delight’s variety of coffee creamer flavors can unlock your room to party every day. Check out the new spots here.