Could ‘Batman Beyond’ be close to production?

(Is Batman Beyond coming to the DCEU?)

When DC FanDome occurs in August, it promises to reveal the status of a long list of DC Comics, Warner Bros productions including  Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Black Adam,  The Suicide Squad  and Wonder Woman 1984. But with Michael Keaton possibly in talks to return to the role of Batman in The Flash, could Warner Bros be setting up the future of Batman in a Batman Beyond film?

According to Comic Book Movie, a new rumor is making the rounds that the film, which fans have longed for, is in active development at Warner Bros.

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Batman Beyond was an animated series which debuted in 1999 from Bruce Timm and Paul Dini on the Kids WB. The premise was spectacularly simple – high school student Terry McGinnis discovers Bruce Wayne is Batman and teams up with him as the new Dark Knight. The show ran for three seasons. Below is the opening to the series , which is still chilling 21 years later.

This is a role it’s very easy to imagine Keaton taking on after he reprises the role of the Dark Knight for The Flash. Let the speculation begin.

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Make this happen WB. Make this happen.

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