Con Edison’s ode to the City That Never Sleeps


In the heart of the bustling metropolis that is New York City, filmmaker Luis Gerard has captured the essence of the city that never sleeps, weaving its vibrant energy into Con Edison’s latest campaign.

Easy Mondays was brought in by Code and Theory, who developed the overarching strategy and creative direction of bringing home Con Edison’s Clean Energy Commitment through the homes, businesses and stories of New Yorkers; and developed the campaign’s inclusive approach.

With a distinctive filmmaking style, Gerard’s ads are not just about clean energy; they are stand-alone stories that embody the spirit of the city:

“Go For Clean Energy” presents a heartwarming father-daughter tale filled with imagination. A young girl and her dad transform their home into a make-believe space station. In her homemade space suit, the child explores her neighborhood, discovering that even everyday places like a laundromat and a supermarket can hold the promise of new energy innovations from Con Edison.

Gerard reflects on the spot’s magical mood, saying, “Like most people, I discovered New York through the movies. It never felt real to me until I first set foot on it, and after all these years, it still feels unreal.”

“Recharging New York” showcases another side of the city. People start their day with coffee and a charge for the future, thanks to thousands of EV charging ports for electric vehicles. Whether heading to work or enjoying a run under the Brooklyn Bridge with their dogs, New Yorkers are embracing clean energy solutions.

Gerard carefully selected locations that capture the essence of NYC without feeling touristy, creating an authentic backdrop for the campaign. He notes, “New York is so iconic that even tourists will know where the film was shot if they watched it without audio.”

“I’ll Meet You There” is a touching reunion story. A young man takes a train ride into the city, arriving at Grand Central Station before reuniting with his family at the Botanical Gardens.


New York’s rich diversity played a vital role in the casting, aiming to be authentic, diverse, and inclusive. Gerard acknowledges the challenge of representing every culture and ethnicity but hopes the campaign reflects a wide range of people that rings true to New Yorkers.

In closing, Gerard shares, “I’ve been lucky to have traveled and lived in different parts of the world, but ‘there’s no place like home,’ as Dorothy said. In my humble opinion, there’s no place like New York; it’s the concrete jungle of cosmopolitan dreams. It’s inspiring and enchanting, both onscreen and in reality.”

Through Gerard’s lens, Con Edison’s campaign captures the enchantment and inspiration that make New York one of the world’s most iconic cities, showcasing the city’s forward-thinking commitment to clean energy and innovation.


CLIENT: Con Edison

AGENCY: Code and Theory

  • Group Creative Director: Alison Hess
  • Creative Director: Ivan Pinto Bravo,
  • Creative Director, Writer: Nick Francis,
  • Director of Production: Joe Guyt,
  • Executive Producer: Kate Russo,
  • Senior Producer: Casey Valigursky
  • Senior Director Strategy: Jonny Hawton
  • Associate Director, Strategy: Matas Vilgalys
  • Group Director, Inclusive Design & Marketing Strategy: Kirstyn Nimmo
  • Senior Director, Strategic Accounts: Gemma Jordan


Director: Luis Gerard

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