Easy Mondays is serving lobster all season

(Courtesy Easy Mondays)

Bespoke production company Easy Mondays has signed directing duo Lobster for exclusive US spot representation.

Part of a new generation of filmmakers on the Spanish art scene, Guillermo Madurga and Miguel Angulo had collaborated on major campaigns for clients such as Starbucks, P&G, and Volkswagen when they decided to make it official and merge their respective superpowers – Angulo directing performance and dialogue, Madurga via progressive multidisciplinary filmmaking – into Lobster.

The result is work that can pierce the heart with a grounded moment or hold enough magic to float whimsically into the stratosphere. 

“Some people meditate, I watch videos,” said Easy Mondays Founder/Executive Producer Asori Soto. “When I came upon their work, I realized I was seeing a new point of view, which is very rare in the commercial space.” Citing projects such as Starbucks “Chilled,” YPF “This is Full,” and Decathlon “Spring,” Soto said, “Guillermo and Miguel dive right into the energy of the moment. No two spots are the same, and yet all are stylish, tasty, and filling – that’s Lobster.”


Soto’s enthusiasm is reinforced by the reception of Lobster in the international market. Created by Mrs. Rushmore, Atlético de Madrid “Father’s Day,” a deeply affecting story of acceptance between a boy and his stepfather,” won a Grand Prix Clio in the US, a Silver in Spain in the Ideas category, and was short-listed at the One Show.

Additional work includes Vodafone “Christmas Grandpa” – striking just the right notes amidst sentimentality and loss – and Maxibon “I’m Not My Selfie” – a visually driven ultra-contemporary take on social media.

“We are new enough that we don’t have a ‘greatest hits’ reel yet,” mused the duo. “But we have worked together and individually enough to know that filmmaking is all about evolution. Asori embraces our mandate to be bold in our marriage of performance, storytelling, and magical realism, all the pillars that define Lobster.”  

Reel 360 News wishes Lobster the best of luck with Easy Mondays.

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