Chili’s and OKRP want families to go Out to ‘ITA!


What do Chili’s guests love most about the iconic grill & bar? Apparently, it’s the sh-sh-sh-shake of their margaritas combined with the auditory seduction of the sizzle of the brand’s fajitas. The chocolate that oozes from molten desserts as a spoon digs in.

The laugh-so-hard-you-pee-a-little-conversations at the table? You guessed it… Chili’s call this unique experience going out to ‘ITA!: a celebration of food, fun and togetherness that you can only find here.

Starting, Feb. 17, the restaurant, via Chicago agency of record OKRP, wants guests to go Out to ‘ITA! So, what exactly does it mean to go Out to ‘ITA!? By popular demand Chili’s guests can enjoy sizzling chicken or shrimp fajitas on their 3 for $10 lunch menu that you’ll hear and smell before you ever see or taste them. Mmm… sizzzzzlinngggg fajitas! Watch below:

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You will also see and hear the experience iconic to Chili’s through an integrated marketing campaign bringing ‘ITA! to life! From TV ads showing you the unique sounds you only hear at a Chili’s, to new radio spots that stimulate listeners’ senses giving them a less intrusive, more customized listening experience, to paid social, email and web support, all channels will showcase the essence of ‘ITA.

SOURCE: Chili’s