Native Americans count to Lucky Post, Census


“Who am I?” is often a question posed by Native Americans in a country that supposedly upholds diversity but often forgets about the group that was originally here. Now, a new PSA for the US Census, from agency G&G wants to change that.

Titled, “Who I am” is a celebration of tribal and individual diversity that encourages American Indians to participate in 2020.

Billings, Montana-based G&G collaborated with Dallas and Austin-based Lucky Post on the spot, which reminds viewers that the US Census shapes the future by providing information essential to funding all communities around the country.

The piece, edited by Sai Selvarajan, intercuts rhythmically-paced portraits – a wide variety of ages and tribal lineages – with sweeping vistas and wide location shots, from a dense forest to city pier.

The voice-over, recorded at Lucky Post, is delivered with poetic cadence in rich tones by actor Arthur Redcloud. Redcloud, who starred as Hikuc in the 2015 film The Revenant, lent gravitas and reflected the authenticity of the PSA.

The result is the embodiment of what the US Census seeks to accomplish: to count and represent the many individuals that comprise one country.

Watch the spot directed by Lucky 21’s Jeff Bednarz below:

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“The agency embraced a visually stylized and bold approach to the project, which allowed me to really play with pacing to help deliver a message about the importance of representation on many levels,” says editor Selvarajan.

“The genuine emotion in Arthur’s voice really grounds the project with commanding intensity,” says Audio Engineer Scottie Richardson. “During the session we talked about how there are over 200 tribes in the US, so there was no way to mention them all. Editing the voiceover to connect with Sai’s quick cuts and the drum track helped convey this multitude.”

“Working with the everyone on the production and post teams was a great experience and their ability to collaborate with the Native communities was exactly what we wanted and what this project deserved,” concludes G&G Creative Group Head/Writer, Michael Gray.

He adds, “Everyone who participated understands the importance of the project and the need to get all American Indians and Alaska Natives to participate in the 2020 Census. That appreciation came through in their creative contributions.”


Creative Group Head/Writer: Michael Gray
Account Director: Zach Gray
Creative Director: Joani Gray

Director: Jeff Bednarz

POST: Lucky Post
Editor: Sai Selvarajan
Assistant Editor: Juan Vargas
Color Artist: Neil Anderson
Audio Engineer: Scottie Richardson
Finish: Tim Nagle

SOURCE: Lucky Post