Burnett Israel tackles the problem of “The Last Dorito”

Grocery deliveries are in high demand these days, often leading to extended waiting periods. This means conserving pantry items and patiently waiting your next batch of snacks can be a challenge. A fact that’s never more true than when you find yourself – “down to your last Dorito.”

The lighthearted campaign, from Leo Burnett Israel, captures the power of the last crumbs—and one man’s quest to make them last.

So how does one successfully ration this beloved snack?

Whether it’s a bite of his Dorito between binge-watching sessions, a nibble (or four) during the stressful family videoconferencing session or a morsel during an at-home workout, our hero is determined to make this Dorito last. Watch below:

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Clearly it takes major willpower and mastery of self-control—which is precisely what Leo Burnett Israel and Doritos captured in this latest effort. And of course a moment of much-needed levity during unpredictable times.

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SOURCE: Leo Burnett