Jack Harlow launches Triangle Mania for Doritos

Doritos is embracing the triangle – the shape and the underappreciated musical instrument – in its Super Bowl return, encouraging fans to Try Another Angle. The TV commercial, released today, spotlights Harlow struggling to find originality for his next track. After dropping three teaser videos that hinted at a Doritos-inspired collaboration among music legends – … Continue reading “Jack Harlow launches Triangle Mania for Doritos”

Doritos hints at love triangle with Jack Harlow and Missy Elliott

This is tasty. Frito-Lay brand Doritos’ is planning a Super Bowl LVII love fest that features rapper Jack Harlow and the “Queen of Rap” Missy Elliott in a love triangle. Get it? Doritos is a triangle and… oh, you get it! Elliott starred in a memorable Pepsi Zero Super Bowl ad featuring Morgan Freeman in … Continue reading “Doritos hints at love triangle with Jack Harlow and Missy Elliott”

Doritos unleashes new Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch

For the first day of winter, what does Doritos go and do? The brand unleashes new Doritos Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch Flavored Tortilla Chips, an all-new mash-up that combines the classic Cool Ranch flavor fans love with a spicy, bold crunch. The latest addition to the Flamin’ Hot family, Doritos Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch is … Continue reading “Doritos unleashes new Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch”

Doritos new TikTok challenge: taste-tester

What was your dream job growing up? Was it a professional athlete, a lawyer, rock star, astronaut or something like that? What if you were told that you could get paid to eat to taste Doritos?! Introducing the real dream job: Doritos Nacho Cheese Flavor Confirmer.  That wasn’t a typo. Doritos is looking to find the next taste-tester extraordinaire. The job description is … Continue reading “Doritos new TikTok challenge: taste-tester”

Doritos: New initiative will give $50K to 7 Black Creators

Black voices and stories are too often unheard. In its 2020 #AmplifyBlackVoices work, Doritos recognized this and is now launching Solid Black, a new multi-platform initiative backed by action and funding designed to bolster the voices of Black innovators and creators and provide them with resources to continue driving change. In total, Doritos will invest … Continue reading “Doritos: New initiative will give $50K to 7 Black Creators”

Matthew McConaughey is #FlatMatthew in Doritos spot

Aha! We now know who #FlatMatthew is. To celebrate the return of one of the most anticipated Frito-Lay product launches in history, Doritos 3D Crunch, Doritos has enlisted the help of one of the most dynamic and multi-dimensional stars around, Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club, Interstellar, Wolf of Wall Street), for its Super Bowl LV campaign, #FlatMatthew. In … Continue reading “Matthew McConaughey is #FlatMatthew in Doritos spot”

Doritos asks, “Who is #FlatMatthew ?”

While Doritos has been a Super Bowl fixture for more than two decades, this year the brand is bringing a whole new dimension to gameday with the highly anticipated return of Doritos 3D Crunch. To mark the occasion, Doritos, one of the flagship brands from PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division, today debuted its Super Bowl campaign, #FlatMatthew, … Continue reading “Doritos asks, “Who is #FlatMatthew ?””

Doritos offers fans $150K to create ad for NFL Kickoff

When, and if, the NFL returns this fall, chances are it will look very different. Fans may not be allowed in stadiums due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. And Colin Kaepernick may actually be on a team. Now, Doritos has launched “Crash from Home,” an opportunity for consumers to be part of the highly … Continue reading “Doritos offers fans $150K to create ad for NFL Kickoff”

Burnett Israel tackles the problem of “The Last Dorito”

Grocery deliveries are in high demand these days, often leading to extended waiting periods. This means conserving pantry items and patiently waiting your next batch of snacks can be a challenge. A fact that’s never more true than when you find yourself – “down to your last Dorito.” The lighthearted campaign, from Leo Burnett Israel, … Continue reading “Burnett Israel tackles the problem of “The Last Dorito””

Doritos new flavor – No logo, no name

According to research, Generation Z, defined as ages 8 – 22, doesn’t respond to advertising. Even when brands play a bigger role than ever in our lives, the “Netflix and chill” squad simply ignores overt advertising. What’s a leading tortilla chip to do? If you’re Doritos you discard your logo and name and pray the … Continue reading “Doritos new flavor – No logo, no name”

Chance and Backstreet Boys drop hot Doritos spot

#NowItsHot Doritos campaign kicks off with the hip-hop and pop superstars remixing “I Want It That Way” Well, at least something is hot during these ridiculously cold Chicago days. The Super Bowl is only days away and brands are now dropping their multi-million dollar spots all over the place. Here, we have Doritos, after previewing … Continue reading “Chance and Backstreet Boys drop hot Doritos spot”

Flamin’ Hot Doritos ‘collabs’ with Chance & Backstreet

The snack brand brings together the hottest rapper & iconic boy band According to PepsiCo’s Doritos new Flamin’ Hot Nachos, the Super Bowl is going to be hot. How hot you say? Really hot as the marquee chip is bringing together Chicago’s Chance the Rapper and iconic boy band, The Backstreet Boys in a 30-second … Continue reading “Flamin’ Hot Doritos ‘collabs’ with Chance & Backstreet”

Our Top 5 Big Game ads and 3 not so great

It’s over. Sigh. My Philadephia Eagles put up a valiant effort but they couldn’t do it for four quarters Sometimes you lead by 10 points at halftime and lose by 3 when it’s all said and done. That’s why it’s called “The Big Game.” It applies to other aspects of life as well. Someone has … Continue reading “Our Top 5 Big Game ads and 3 not so great”

Alicia Silverstone has a clue in Rakuten ad

Rakuten has unveiled its 2023 Big Game campaign, ‘Not So Clueless’, featuring actress Alicia Silverstone reprising the iconic Cher Horowitz role from the classic film, Clueless. Bringing one of the most beloved ’90s characters back to life, the 30-second spot from Rakuten’s campaign will air during the first quarter of the Big Game on Sunday, … Continue reading “Alicia Silverstone has a clue in Rakuten ad”

Frito-Lay fuels soccer vs football debate

For years, fans from around the globe have argued about whether the sport is called football or soccer. Frito-Lay, the first-ever salty-snack brand sponsor in FIFA and FIFA World Cup history, is fueling the debate by bringing together a roster of global sports icons, including three-time FIFA World Cup player David Beckham and American football legend Peyton Manning, … Continue reading “Frito-Lay fuels soccer vs football debate”

AMP panel explores fundamentals of music production

If you’re new to agency production and wondering what goes into creating, producing or sourcing all that amazing music and sound you hear in commercials, the Association of Music Producers is ready to take you back to school. The advertising music industry’s trade group will be presenting a virtual educational panel intended to guide first … Continue reading “AMP panel explores fundamentals of music production”

Cabin adds three editors to roster

Cabin Editing Company today announced the addition of three new editors to its roster: Rami D’Aguiar, Nick Rondeau, and Andrew Ratzlaff. These new hires each bring unique approaches to their craft that convey their ambition and creativity, both visually and narratively. This also marks the latest expansion for Cabin, which has grown steadily over the … Continue reading “Cabin adds three editors to roster”

MJZ, anti-gun campaigns from Burnett and BBDO win big at shots Awards

Last night, the shots Awards held The Americas Ceremony in Hollywood. Production company, MJZ, along with work anti-gun violence creative from Leo Burnett, BBDO and States United to Prevent Gun Violence came away the big winners. With the pandemic causing the previous last two awards shows to go digital-only, this celebration of creative campaigns from North and … Continue reading “MJZ, anti-gun campaigns from Burnett and BBDO win big at shots Awards”

David&Goliath’s GCD Robert Casillas on Super Bowl ads

It’s always exciting to see the creative that makes its way into Super Bowl. People don’t realize the countless hours, calls, scripts, and so on that it takes to get here. So first off, I want to congratulate everyone who was involved in any of the spots. Even the ones that didn’t make it to air. … Continue reading “David&Goliath’s GCD Robert Casillas on Super Bowl ads”