Brazilian director Rafaela Carvalho joins Interrogate

(CREDIT: Interrogate)

Interrogate has announced its creative collaboration with Brazilian director Rafaela Carvalho. Carvalho’s unique journey from actress to cinematographer and now director underscores her adaptability, passion, and unwavering commitment to her craft.

Carvalho’s work, enriched by diverse international experiences, is characterized by a seamless blend of emotion and visual artistry, establishing her as an exceptional visual storyteller. The collaboration with Interrogate marks a union of shared vision and storytelling ethos, laying the foundation for an exciting partnership.

George Meeker, Executive Producer at Interrogate, expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “Looking at the world through Rafa’s lens has been nothing short of delightful. Her innate ability to craft tales from her subjects’ viewpoints, all while capturing genuine performances, continually blows us away.”

One notable example of Carvalho’s directorial prowess is her campaign for WhatsApp. The campaign, shortlisted at the Cannes Lions and the One Show, eschews overt brand promotion in favor of nuanced storytelling and subtle character interactions. This approach underscores Carvalho’s dedication to creating impactful narratives that engage, provoke thought, and enlighten audiences.


The collaboration with Interrogate is poised to elevate this narrative-driven approach, seamlessly merging commercial objectives with societal narratives. Carvalho’s integration into the Interrogate team aligns with the company’s ongoing mission to partner with visionary talents who bring fresh perspectives.

“Interrogate and I clicked right from the start. It’s all about building a relationship and chemistry, and with them, I genuinely feel it,” says Carvalho. As they embark on this new chapter together, both Interrogate and Rafaela Carvalho are positioned to craft narratives that captivate and resonate deeply with audiences.

To view her reel, click here. Reel 360 News wishes Rafaela the best of luck at Interrogate.

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