Director Randall Park joins Magnetic Field for commercials

(Park in WandaVision)

Commercial production company Magnetic Field has announced the addition of director Randall Park to its roster. Known for his comedic timing, Park, recognized for his roles in Fresh Off the Boat and the Marvel Universe, extends his sensibility to directing, writing, acting, and producing.

Park made his directorial debut with Shortcomings at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. As the co-founder of Imminent Collision, his production company is under a first-look deal with Universal TV.


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He also starred in the Netflix romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe with Ali Wong (Beef). His on-set experiences contribute to his polished directorial approach and performance-driven storytelling.

As the co-founder of Imminent Collision, Park’s production company is currently under a first-look deal with Universal TV, with projects in development at Amazon, Disney Plus, Max, and Universal.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Park stated, “My favorite stories are character-driven, with heart and humor, showcasing those vulnerable, awkward, human sides of ourselves. I look forward to bringing that into branded content and commercial production. I’ve always been a big fan of the Russos and my pal Justin Lin, and diving into commercials at Magnetic Field feels like the right fit for the kind of ad work I’d like to pursue.”


Magnetic Field co-founders Anthony and Joe Russo welcomed Randall Park, noting, “We are excited to bring Randall’s creative edge as a director to Magnetic Field. Shortcomings showcased his talent as a character-driven storyteller, and that combined with his comedic chops will translate well in commercials.”

Co-founder Justin Lin, expressing his admiration for Park’s talent, mentioned, “Randall is immensely talented and I’ve been a huge fan of his work since our film school days. We’re currently collaborating on a project, and I’m thrilled to carry that working relationship through at MF and see how his vision plays out in the commercial space.”

Reel 360 News wishes Randall the best of luck at Magnetic Field.

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