Batgirl set photos create excitement and speculation among fans

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In December 2021, we reported that Michael Keaton had joined the cast of Batgirl, the upcoming HBO Max movie set in the DC Extended Universe.

The news first leaked when Warner Bros. Pictures released their official 2022 movie preview kit to the media, which featured an updated cast list and synopsis for many of their movies, including Batgirl. Also in December, we learned that Keaton was reprising his role of Bruce Wayne in The Flash, so it was never out of the realm of possibility that Keaton could don the cowl in more films. 

Production on the film is already underway in Glasgow, Scotland, and now some unofficial images from the set have popped up online, taken by PA Wire’s Andrew Milligan (and shared by Glasgow Live reporter Craig Williams on Twitter).


These images would appear to further confirm that not only does Keaton’s Batman exist in this Batgirl universe, but also that it is possible his sidekick, Robin exists in this iteration as well! While it’s possible these images have been altered, and it’s very difficult to discern who might be playing the role of Robin, based on the one image of some street art on a brick wall with Batman in his classic Keaton-era costume with Robin next to him with his face partially faded out, as he’s wearing a costume accurate to the comics.

We’ve yet to really see the dynamic duo in live-action renditions like this of the characters outside of the 1960s Batman series, with Adam West as the caped crusader and Burt Ward as Robin.

The local publication Glasgow Live has also shared almost identical images, conveniently cropping out Robin from the wall art where Robin appears in the tweets, which makes it all the more difficult to believe, however anything is possible in the DCEU!

Whether or not these images confirm we will see a Robin in this film remains to be seen, however, at this point, it is safe to assume Batgirl directors Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah feel that Michael Keaton’s Batman is “the real” Batman AND that he will be appearing in the film, after they attempted to deflect the question in an interview with VRTNWS earlier in 2021. 

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Black Canary

Not only are we being teased with “the real” Batman (Michael Keaton) and a possible Dick Grayson/Robin, but some of the images tease the possibility of Black Canary and The Mad Hatter.

Regardless of whether or not we will see either Black Canary or The Mad Hatter, we know for sure that the movie will see Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (Leslie Grace) clashing with the pyromaniac known as Firefly, played by The Mummy’s Brendan Fraser. Batgirl also sees the return of J.K. Simmons as James Gordon, Barbara’s father and the Gotham City Police Department’s commissioner who briefly appeared in both versions of Justice League.

The Batgirl script is written by Christina Hodson, whose work includes Birds of Prey and the upcoming The Flash movie. Executive Producers include Michael E. Uslan, Walter Hamada, Galen Vaisman, and Christina Hodson
Batgirl is currently in production, and is expected to premiere exclusively on HBO Max in 2022.

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