AT&T builds connections in new campaign

(New campaign from BBDO)

Today, AT&T launches a new campaign for the 2021 Masters, highlighting the brand’s core mission: creating stronger human connections. 

As communications technology has advanced, connection has become ever more pervasive, complex and impressive. We often think about this progress literally, new technical achievements, network benchmarks and more. But the “Connections” campaign seeks to humanize why AT&T makes its network faster, more reliable, and more secure, to advance their purpose of furthering human connection.  

Created in partnership with BBDO LA and BBDO NY, the work showcases how AT&T enables more powerful, fulfilling and enriching human connections, shining a spotlight on the moments that matter between friends and family, businesses and customers, and sufferers and saviors. The films also utilize AT&T’s iconic Ampersand in a new and fresh way, as a visual symbol of connection in these important moments. Watch below:

The spots will go live today, Wednesday, 4/7 during ESPN’s Masters preview coverage and will continue to run throughout the tournament. AT&T is one of only three exclusive advertisers during the event. 



  • Chief Marketing and Growth Officer, AT&T:                Kellyn Smith Kenny
  • SVP, Advertising, Creative Services & HelloLab.       Val Vargas
  • VP, Corporate Brand Marketing, AT&T:                         Sandra Howard
  • VP, Advertising and Social Media, AT&T:                      Marc Burns
  • AVP, Corporate Brand Marketing, AT&T:                      Kirk Heinlein
  • Director, Corporate Brand Marketing, AT&T:              Leigh Anne Crow
  • Director, Advertising, AT&T:                                           Dave Brown
  • Senior Manager, Advertising, AT&T:                             Kallan Bubb


  • Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Worldwide:                    David Lubars
  • Chief Creative Officer for AT&T at Omnicom:             Matt Miller
  • Executive Creative Director:                                           Dave Povill
  • Executive Creative Director:                                           Dave Cuccinello
  • Creative Director:                                                        Craig Ghiglione
  • Creative Director:                                                        Michael Bryce
  • Group Executive Producer:                                             Julie Collins
  • Executive Producer:                                                         Katie Porter
  • Executive Producer:                                                         Jessica Coccaro
  • President and Global Client Lead, AT&T:                    Rachel Nairn
  • Managing Director:                                                     Kathryn Brown
  • Managing Director, BBDO LA:                                   Julien Lemoine
  • SVP, Senior Account Director:                                   Shahnaz Shroff
  • Account Director:                                                             Katelyn Burns
  • Account Manager:                                                       George Khandji
  • Head of Integrated Planning:                                        Thomas Han
  • EVP, Group Planning Director:                                      Tim Millar
  • VP, Planning Director:                                                     Ben Bass
  • SVP, Director of Project Management:                      Stella Warkman


  • Director/DP:                                                                       Lance Acord
  • Line Producer:                                                                  Caroline Kousidonis
  • Executive Producer:                                                         Scott Howard
  • Executive Producer:                                                         Jackie Kleman Bisbee
  • Head of Production:                                                         Anne Bobroff

EDIT:  Exile Editorial

  • Editor | Golf, Watch & Learn, Risk & Reward:           Matt Murphy
  • Editor | Student & Teacher, Show & Tell:                    Jessica Mutascio
  • Assistant Editor:                                                                James Boger
  • Executive Producer:                                                         CL Kumpta
  • Producer:                                                                            Jamie Perritt

VFX:  A52

  • VFX Supervisor:                                                                Patrick Murphy
  • CG Supervisor:                                                                  Kirk Shintani
  • Lead Flame Artist:                                                            Steve Wolff
  • Flame Artists:                                                                    Stefan Gaillot, Kirk Balden,                                                                               Michael Vaglienty
  • 3D Artists:                                                                          Aemilia Widodo, Joe Paniagua
  • Online Editors:                                                            Chris Riley, Noah Poole
  • Designer:                                                                            Nadia Tzuo
  • 2D Animator:                                                                     Mark Feldman, Zack Citro
  • Producer:                                                                            Armando Plata
  • Head of Production:                                                         Stacy Kessler-Aungst
  • Head of CG Production:                                                   Michael Steinmann
  • Executive Producers:                                                       Kim Christensen & Patrick Nugent
  • Managing Director:                                                           Jennifer Sofio Hall

COLOR: Primary

  • Colorist:                                                                               Daniel de Vue
  • Executive Producer:                                                         Thatcher Petersen
  • Producer:                                                                             Jenny Bright

Music: Walker

  • Executive Music Producer:                                               Stephanie Pigott
  • Executive Music Producer:                                               Sara Matarazzo
  • Producer:                                                                              Danielle Soury
  • Composer – Risk & Reward:                                              Patrick Cannell (ASCAP)
  • Composer – Golf:                                                                 Matthew Hollingsworth (ASCAP)
  • Composer – Watch & Learn:                                             Booby Tahouri (ASCAP)

Music: Future Perfect

  • Executive Producer:                                                            Maxwell Gosling
  • Composer – Show & Tell:                                                    John Connolly

MUSIC STUDENT & TEACHER:  APM                                 

AUDIO:  Lime Studios

  • Mixer:                                                                                     Zac Fisher
  • Sound Designer:                                                                   Michael Anastasi
  • Executive Producer:                                                            Susie Boyajan