Akkurat Studios welcomes three new directors

(l-r: Lauren Sick, Filip Engstrom, and Alan Masferrer)

Hot on the heels of its third anniversary, Berlin and LA-based production company Akkurat Studios, has announced three new signings for commercial representation in the German market. Further enhancing the studio’s creative chops is the addition of award-winning Lauren Sick, Filip Engstrom, and Alan Masferrer.

Co-founder Rocco Kopecny in a statement notes, “Searching for new talent isn’t always easy – especially in such a crowded, swamped market with so many great filmmakers. We are extremely excited to collaborate with these new totally different directors.”

“Personally I’m more than happy to have Lauren, Filip and Alan joining the Akkurat family,” says co-founder Andreas Roth.

Sharing individual sentiments on each of the new talents, Roth adds, “The worlds Lauren creates in her work are so atmospheric and cinematic. The fact that Lauren is also working on a TV series and storytelling is so dear to her heart, it’s just a perfect match for us. The “champion’s league” legend Filip Engstrom probably doesn’t need many words, but he’s seriously an icon in his field and we’re very proud to build a creative alliance with him. We’re truly looking forward to some entertaining projects together. “And let’s talk about Alan – he’s not only a great human being, he’s such a dedicated, talented filmmaker. We are just so thrilled to have him on board as well, especially with the new piece we recently produced together.”

Each new director to the Akkurat Studios talent pool contributes a new unique style and perspective.

Lauren Sick

Bringing a youthful and adventurous expression to her filmmaking, director Lauren Sick couples raw emotion with a distinct cinematic style. Over the span of her career, she has worked with dozens of clients and brands, including household names such as Ford, GAP, Bose, New Balance, Xfinity, Trident, Michelob, and Beats by Dre. Her work has been recognized by Indiewire, BBC Worldwide, The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Deadline, Rolling Stone, AdAge, and AdWeek. Sick’s film PARE, a psychological horror-thriller, screened at multiple festivals worldwide and had an exclusive online premiere through Fangoria Magazine and Gunpowder & Sky’s ALter. Her latest project for Ford Motor Company, “Scary Fast,” debuted this summer in cinemas nationwide before Jordan Peele’s Nope.

On joining, Sick says, “I’m so excited to be starting my journey in the German market with the team at Akkurat. I feel like I’ve found a hard-working collective whose goals, sensibilities, and cinematic points of reference are very much aligned with my own.  I’ve been really inspired by the work coming out of Germany. This particular market seems to be invested in pushing the artistic boundaries of what’s possible in advertising and that’s exactly what I set out to do.”

Filip Engstrom

Swedish director Filip Engstrom creates visually arresting yet genuinely human commercials and films. With roots in short films, children’s programming, and puppetry, he has developed a distinctive and innovative approach to filmmaking, creating his trademark personal style.  Whimsical with a tongue-in-cheek tonality, his work is lighthearted and colorful. 

Engstrom has worked with some of the most recognized clients in the world including Google, Target, TJX, Servpro, Samsung, American Express, KitchenAid, LG, Playstation and Toyota. His spots have gone on to receive numerous accolades including several Clio awards. Filip’s work AMF “The Caterpillar,” won the Visual Effects Society award for Outstanding Animated Character, sharing the stage with James Cameron’s Avatar. His film “Color Changes Everything” for Target was nominated for an Outstanding Commercial Emmy, one of the highest honors in the commercial world.

Engstrom shares, “It’s simply about making good films and having fun while doing it. Working with inspiring and nice people is always on top of my list. I find that Akkurat – with its tentacles in production, running a little cafe, creating a digital magazine and lots of little side interests – stands out as the perfect company for me to team up with.”


Alan Masferrer

Catalonian-born director Alan Masferrer’s work defies genre and challenges convention. He excels in creating emotional experiences and journeys of all kinds, immersing himself in formidable projects by approaching concepts in immense depth to capture their truest essence.

He has helmed campaigns for BMW, Bombay Sapphire, Moncler, San Miguel, among others, in addition to music videos and fashion films. His work has received accolades and awards from across the globe, including recognition from UKMVA, MTV, and Ciclope, as well as several Vimeo Staff Picks.

Expressing his addition to the lineup, Alan Masferrer says, “Akkurat just felt like my natural place: fresh, challenging, tireless and solid at the same time. The German market is one of my priorities, and I took my time in deciding on joining the bravest family.”

Reel 360 News wishes all three the best of luck at Akkurat.

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