72andSunny ushers in Creative Leadership Council

(l – r: Carlo Cavallone, Matt Murphy)

In order to ensure the agency’s creative vision manifests with excellence, 72andSunny has announced the launch of a new Creative Leadership Council. The council was formed by newly appointed chief creative officers, Carlo Cavallone and Matt Murphy.

A deeper look at the council, we’ll see it also includes creative leaders across global offices: Rey Andrade, Johnny Tan, Laura Visco, Luke Martin,  Jason Norcross, Sherina Florence, Bryan Rowles, Lauren Smith, Maite Albuquerque, Tim Wolfe, Zach Hilder, Tony Kalathara, Ida Gronblom and Jimmy Smith (Smith is also chairman and chief creative officer at Amusement Park). Co-founders Glenn Cole and John Boiler remain as creative co-chairs.

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“As a creatively founded company, we’ve been committed to the power of creativity from the start,” said Cavallone. “Our vision for the future and this council of the world’s best creative leaders, is to create synergies from different perspectives in the creative process and output. All of the names above have brought game changing creativity and results to clients around the world and that’s a reflection of their talent, curiosity and a belief in the value of what we can learn from others.”

“As a company that believes in the creative potential of everyone, we need strong thought leadership, vision, stewardship, standard bearers and ambition setters,” added Murphy. “This group is charged with that and making sure 72andSunny lives up to being a powerful community who thrives on great creativity.”

The Creative Leadership Council builds on Carlo and Matt’s vision for 72andSunny to become one unified creative community that unleashes talent for cultural impact, unbound by location. The global council made up of diverse leaders will be responsible for setting the creative standards, finding and growing the best talent in the world and deploying them for the greatest impact globally.

“Radical ideas and radical outcomes require diversity of perspective, experience, and vision,” commented Glenn Cole. “Together, this group will take the company and its creativity in directions we never envisioned and to a future we never dreamed of.”

“We need creative leaders who have a proven track record of challenging conventions, making lateral leaps and connections that cause people to marvel and cheer, laugh, cry, engage, and even act,” concluded John Boiler. “Matt, Carlo and this council are those kinds of leaders. They have the audacity to push the boundaries of creativity and make lasting impact.” 

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SOURCE: 72andSunny