Victoria Beer serenades moms w/ virtual campaign

2+ This year, Mother’s Day will look a bit different, however Constellation Brands, creators of the Mexican beer Victoria, is making sure every mother has a Mariachi Mother’s Day. Live now on the Victoria Beer Facebook page, you can serenade your mother using the brand’s favorite Mariachi-in-training, Gregorio, who will make sure mothers enjoy their day. With … Continue reading “Victoria Beer serenades moms w/ virtual campaign”

Bumble serves up Serena Williams as global advisor

3+ Austin-based dating app Bumble announced on Thursday a year-long marketing campaign with tennis champion Serena Williams, which will kick off at the Feb. 3 Super Bowl. The campaign, dubbed “The Ball is in Her Court,” will highlight the importance of making the first move, according to a press release from the females first-focused platform. … Continue reading “Bumble serves up Serena Williams as global advisor”

Allstate Foundation PSA features Serena Williams

4+ If someone you knew was being financially abused, would you notice? One in four women experience domestic violence in their lifetime, and 99 percent of these cases also include financial abuse, an often-invisible control tactic and one of the primary reasons victims can’t “just leave.” This October, National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, The Allstate … Continue reading “Allstate Foundation PSA features Serena Williams”

Nike celebrates motherhood in “tough” film

1+ Nike’s latest film, The Toughest Athletes, captures the power and strength of women during one of the most transformative stages of their lives, pregnancy and early motherhood. Developed by Wieden+Kennedy London, The Toughest Athletes illuminates the correlation of sport and motherhood through the lens of more than 20 mothers across various stages of their … Continue reading “Nike celebrates motherhood in “tough” film”

Complete list of Grammy winners

1+ The 63rd annual Grammys are a wrap. Despite an expected scant audience, the show hosted by The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, boasted electrifying, live and pre-recorded, performances from Bad Bunny, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, BTS, Billie Eilish, Post Malone and Megan Thee Stallion. And dang Megan, Reel 360 now understands WAP. Mind blown. Yeah the … Continue reading “Complete list of Grammy winners”

Jhené Aiko and more confirmed for Grammys

1+ The 63rd Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony will feature a number of performances by current Grammy noms like Jhené Aiko, Rufus Wainwright, Terri Lyne Carrington + Social Science and many others. The Recording Academy has announced details for the Premiere Ceremony ahead of the annual Awards telecast this month.  Preceding the 2021 GRAMMY Awards show, the Awards … Continue reading “Jhené Aiko and more confirmed for Grammys”

Don’t stand on way to greatness in Gatorade work

0 Gatorade has launched a powerful Latin American campaign for 2021 titled “Don’t Stand On Your Way to Greatness,” highlighting commitment to the brand’s continued mission to inspire the next generation of athletes on their path to greatness. Showing how athletes push themselves to be better every minute of every day, Gatorade has teamed with six-time Ballon … Continue reading “Don’t stand on way to greatness in Gatorade work”

Execs from Energy BBDO, AKKURAT, Hue & Cry and MAS offer thoughts on Super Bowl ads

1+ Amid Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ systematic dismantling of the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes during Super Bowl LV, a few commercials aired. A total of 57 to be exact. At $5.5 million per 30 seconds. USA Today’s Ad Meter ranked Rocket Mortgage and Tracy Morgan as the top one and … Continue reading “Execs from Energy BBDO, AKKURAT, Hue & Cry and MAS offer thoughts on Super Bowl ads”

Don Cheadle leads “all-star cast?” in new Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer Super Bowl spot

1+ Think of this weekend’s Super Bowl as a combo platter of C&C – comedy and celebrities. While the platform has always featured both for advertising agencies and brands, it seems like both are really leaning into the two this year. Now, we Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer making its Super Bowl LV debut with a … Continue reading “Don Cheadle leads “all-star cast?” in new Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer Super Bowl spot”

Michelob ULTRA reveals Super Bowl campaign

1+ Like a rushing Defensive line, here come the Super Bowl spots. Super Bowl stalwarts such as Budweiser, Coke and Pepsi may be taking a break from the Big Game, but that doesn’t mean other brands are. Michelob ULTRA, and agency Wieden+ Kennedy, unveiled its Super Bowl campaign which poses a thought-provoking question on the … Continue reading “Michelob ULTRA reveals Super Bowl campaign”

Meet the 32 Bachelorettes vying for Matt James’ heart

1+ Thirty-two incredible women were on the hunt for love with Matt James when the exciting, landmark 25th edition of The Bachelor premiered on MONDAY, JAN. 4 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on ABC.  At the end of night one, 24 lucky bachelorettes remained to toast the Bachelor and join him on the romantic adventure of a lifetime! Matt James, … Continue reading “Meet the 32 Bachelorettes vying for Matt James’ heart”

Grammy Awards announce 2020 nominees

1+ The 63rd Grammy Awards are right around the corner, airing (earlier than usual) Sunday, Jan. 31, on CBS, but the nominations are here now. After 40 years, Ken Ehrlich, the show’s producer has retired, and Ben Winston (known for his work on James Corden’s late-night show and Carpool Karaoke) will helm the awards production. … Continue reading “Grammy Awards announce 2020 nominees”

Review: keep calm and carry on…Wayward Son

2+ Please note, this contains major spoilers for the Supernatural series finale. On November 19, 2020, the CW aired the final episode of Supernatural after 15 years and 320 episodes. According to Deadline, the 8 p.m. penultimate episode (0.3, 1.20M) led into the 9 p.m. finale (0.3, 1.39M) of the longest-running fantasy series in TV history. The … Continue reading “Review: keep calm and carry on…Wayward Son”

HBO Max celebrates Latinx voices

1+ Starting today is Latina Heritage Month. And HBO Max is celebrating the month with a wide selection of programming that celebrates Latinx filmmakers and actors. Available to stream on HBO Max, the network is offering a selection raning from original series and documentaries like Selena + Chef and Habla Now to laugh-out-loud comedy specials including Ha Festival: The Art … Continue reading “HBO Max celebrates Latinx voices”

You can’t stop the Williams sisters in new Nike video

2+ Since the first time Venus and Serena Williams stepped onto a tennis court, the sport was forever changed. Nike’s new film, “You Can’t Stop Sisters,” shows how the Williams sisters have influenced tennis, and lifted each other up at every step of their journey using the power of sport and sisterhood. The film is the brand’s latest … Continue reading “You can’t stop the Williams sisters in new Nike video”

Nike’s new split screen spot is nothing short of epic

1+ Closed gyms and empty stadiums haven’t stopped athletes from pushing forward and using their platforms to help create change. The NBA is about to begin in their bubble tonight. And Major League Baseball is marching through 19 Miami Marlins contracting COVID-19. Athletes will not be stopped. Nike celebrates this attitude in the third film … Continue reading “Nike’s new split screen spot is nothing short of epic”

HBO offers all 9 eps of ‘Watchmen’ for FREE

1+ HBO will offer all nine episodes of the series Watchmen for free starting FRIDAY, JUNE 19 through SUNDAY, June 21 exclusively on and Free On Demand, as an extension of the network’s content offering highlighting Black experiences, voices and storytellers. The network will also air a marathon of the series on HBO and HBO Latino starting at 1:00 p.m. … Continue reading “HBO offers all 9 eps of ‘Watchmen’ for FREE”

Whoopi Goldberg teams up with Extinction Rebellion

2+ Whoopi Goldberg has teamed up with Extinction Rebellion in a beautiful new animation set in the future. The stunning 3 minute film looks back from 2050 to show how people came together to save the world from the climate crisis. The film, titled The Gigantic Change, went live on Extinction Rebellion’s Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram on Friday 5th June 2020, … Continue reading “Whoopi Goldberg teams up with Extinction Rebellion”

You can’t stop this new Nike spot with over 80m views

2+ Welcome back to the real world after probably one of the more weirder Memorial Day weekends we’ve experienced in a long time. If we had published this story on Saturday, chances are it would have started out with, “Inspiring new Nike spot narrated by LeBron James has 53 million views.” However, since we are … Continue reading “You can’t stop this new Nike spot with over 80m views”

Yard asks, “Can we leave Mom the f*ck alone today?”

1+ Even in these divisive times can we all just agree that moms put up with a lot of bullshit? From their kids. From their co-workers and bosses. From their spouses. From their baby daddy. From their own moms. Can we also all agree, that they deserve one day to themselves? One day to let … Continue reading “Yard asks, “Can we leave Mom the f*ck alone today?””