Zola leads 2022 Spirit Award nominees

(Riley Keough, Taylour Paige)

This morning, Film Independent announced nominations for the 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards. Picking up seven nominations including Best Feature, Zola, from director Janicza Bravo and released by A24, led all Independent Spirit Awards nominations on Tuesday.

In addition to Zola, Best Feature nominees include A ChiaraC’mon C’monThe Lost DaughterThe Novice. Also announced, for the second year, were the nominees of five TV awards.

Nominees in the Best New Scripted Series category include BlindspottingIt’s a SinReservation DogsThe Underground Railroad and We Are Lady Parts.

Mass was selected to receive the Robert Altman Award, which is bestowed upon one film’s director, casting director and ensemble cast. The Altman Award was created in 2008 in honor of legendary director Robert Altman, who was known for creating extraordinary ensemble casts.

Celebrating creative independence, original, provocative subject matter, diversity, innovation and uniqueness of vision, the 37th Film Independent Spirit Awards will be held on Sunday, March 6, 2022, positioning it squarely in the corridor leading into Oscar voting.

Returning to its home on the Santa Monica beach, the in-person show will be broadcast exclusively on IFC. The Spirit Awards are the primary fundraiser for the nonprofit Film Independent’s year-round slate of programs, which cultivate the careers of emerging filmmakers and promote diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Film Independent President Josh Welsh introduced the prerecorded video announcements, which featured guest presenters Beanie Feldstein (The HumansImpeachment: American Crime Story), Regina Hall (Nine Perfect StrangersGirls Trip) and Naomi Watts (Penguin Bloom, upcoming The Watcher). Watch the nominations below:

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“Congratulations to this year’s nominees – visual storytellers who have made the most original, daring and provocative film and television shows of the year,” said Film Independent President Josh Welsh. “The Spirit Awards once again plants its flag on the beach at Santa Monica, and on IFC. We’re thrilled to be back and celebrating art that continues to inspire, enlighten and entertain us.”

Blake Callaway, GM of IFC, said, “The Spirit Awards is a standout event in any year. After being away for more than a year, IFC is ready to bring audiences back to the beach celebrating the best of film and television.”

This year the Spirit Awards Nominating Committees selected nominees from over 15 different countries, applying the following guidelines in determining nominees: uniqueness of vision, original and provocative subject matter, economy of means.

The Spirit Awards Nominating Committees are comprised of writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, actors, critics, casting directors, film festival programmers and other working film professionals. Of all nominated writers and directors, 44% are women and 38% are BIPOC. Of all nominated actors, 60% are BIPOC. And of all 2022 nominees, 46% are women and 32% are BIPOC. This year, the Spirit Awards nominating committees are 63% women, 5% Nonbinary and 56% BIPOC.

The 37th Film Independent Spirit Awards will be held on Sunday, March 6, 2022, positioning it squarely in the corridor leading into Oscar voting.