Wylie Co. celebrates ECD Paul Lambert’s Oscar nom for Dune

(Courtesy Wylie Company)

Academy Award-winning visual effects supervisor Paul Lambert has scored his third “Best Visual Effects” Oscar nomination for the critically acclaimed film Dune, after having won the Oscar in 2018 and 2019 for Blade Runner 2049 and First Man, respectively.

An Executive Creative Director at Wylie Co., Lambert recently took home the BAFTA for Special Visual Effects and the VES Award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal feature for “Dune.”

Directed by Denis Villeneuve and released by Legendary and Warner Bros., Dune is based on the groundbreaking sci-fi saga from author Frank Herbert. The Wylie Co. team was charged with completing close to 500 post visualization shots for the evolving edit, as well as completing 900 finished visual effects shots for the film.

“These accolades are always a joy to receive as they come from your peers. It is a recognition of the talent and hard work put in by the team,” shares Lambert. “I’m really excited about the future that we’re creating at Wylie Co. focusing on machine learning and AI uses in visual effects and building up a small studio to be a global contender in the industry. I really believe the future of visual effects is in artist-led companies that are agile and embrace emerging technologies. Incredible things are on the horizon.”

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Founder of Wylie Co. Jacob Maymudes and Creative Director Josh Hatton, express their enthusiasm for having Lambert added to their already talented roster. “We are so thrilled for Paul with his third Oscar nomination, and VES & BAFTA award wins,” says Maymudes. “Paul is a long-time friend and co-worker of mine. His decision to join Wylie Co. speaks volumes to our shared view of the future of visual effects and our mutual respect for one another.”

Hatton adds, “Paul has a laser focus on cutting-edge methodologies and is constantly pioneering new techniques. With Paul Lambert at the helm, and the rest of our amazing crew, we are the perfect vehicle on a quest for that next-level visual effect.”

In addition to their award-winning work on Dune, Wylie Co.’s recent work includes 2021’s Music directed by singer-songwriter Sia, Terminator: Dark Fate, and the CBS All Access (since rebranded Paramount+) limited series The Stand.

“I founded Wylie Co. because I envisioned a studio owned and operated by artists and programmers free of ego and competition,” concludes Maymudes.  “A place where the best idea can come from the intern or creative director and be celebrated without bias. The work we put on the big screen is permanent and the films we work on are archived in the Library of Congress. The imagery we create must stand the test of time, to say we care about the work we create is an understatement. It  not only represents the film but who we are as a team, as a company and as individuals.”

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