Sonic Union helps Plenity clap back at weight loss lies

(Courtesy Sonic Union)

Sonic Union is excited to support Toronto-based agency, The&Partnership, on a campaign that introduces Plenity to consumers. “Who Said” is an upbeat and playful spot that embraces the notion that you can enjoy life at its fullest and also lose weight.

To complement the buoyant narrative, Sonic Union was approached by The&Partnership for a full suite of sonic solutions – music, sound, and audio.

“Who Said,” is a clap back to the idea that you can’t dine out, have fun, or wear certain things while trying to lose weight. It says who cares to the nay-sayers and yes to moving forward with enthusiasm. Watch below:

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To find the perfect track, Sonic Union provided in-depth music consultation and explored options that encompassed music supervision and custom original composition. LA-based composer Kevin J. Simon, who worked closely with the Sonic Union team in New York, discusses how he approached the music that became the featured track in Plenity’s inaugural campaign. 

“The first thing I do is to try to discover a tempo that supports the edits; something that is well-paced and brings things everything together in a way that feels effortless,” Simon explains. “Here, the beat was a consistent anchor throughout the creative exploration with the agency and client. It’s a track that is infused with optimism and brightness, and was really a joy to create.”


CLIENT: Plenity

AGENCY: The&Partnership


Director: Hoffman / Metoyer


  • Sound Design: Rob Ballingall
  • Mix Engineer: Paul Weiss
  • VO Casting: Sonic Union 
  • Executive Creative Producer: Halle Petro
  • Music Supervisor / Music Producer: Justin Morris
  • Composer: Kevin J. Simon for Sonic Union

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