WorkingStiff welcomes Brenna Mathers

Director Matt Pittroff is now running all productions through WorkingStiff  while Brenna Mathers joins the company as Director of Sales and New Business Development.

Pittroff has always had incredible client retention due to his detail-oriented approach to collaboration. Partnered with long-time Producer and friend, Steve Blair, WorkingStiff continues to support their loyal client base by providing safe and worry-free, high-level productions, with the goal of nurturing very targeted new accounts.

“By adopting an in-house sales model, we can go after a very select and curated set of accounts,” Pittroff elaborates. “When you hear from us, it’s because we feel we have a very specific solution to offer — and because we think you are doing kick-ass work.”

Brenna Mathers

Mathers, a former Director of Production, worked her way up from a junior production position to a senior leadership role within the WPP creative agency while building an in-house model from the ground up, servicing all content needs for clients. 

“We love that Brenna brings an Agency vantage point to the table,” Pittroff professes. “She is sharp, intuitive, competitive and super cool.” Adds EP Steve Blair, “We knew instantly from our first collaboration that we needed to find a way to work with Brenna again.”

Steve Blair

“It’s the communication for me,” Mathers conveys. “The WorkingStiff duo I came to know and trust with all facets of production are clear and intentional each step of the way. They’re also unabashedly themselves. Every interaction is authentic, every challenge is met with readiness and every set has high expectations and energy. I am excited to see what we will do as a party of three.”

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With Mathers spearheading New Business Development, Pittroff and Blair will concentrate on what they do best: guiding their clients through the gratifying process of creative collaboration.

Matt Pittroff

Pittroff admits that he’s “always been a very process-oriented” director. He notes, “I want our clients to feel like a massive weight has been lifted when they engage us. Not only are we adding creative value, we are trying to make their lives a little less stressful, and these days that goes a long way.”

Blair adds, “Together, we bring an exceptional level of production value and customer service to every project. We both respect the process as much as we respect the product, and it’s an added value for which we’ve become known.” 

“In my previous role, I received a daily dozen emails and cold calls from reps, and often felt those communications were inauthentic and pretty inconvenient,” Mathers explains. “There have to be producers and creatives this resonates with — people who crave meaningful conversations and have a desire to break away from an archaic approach to relationship development. These are the individuals I want to foster bonds with and (hopefully) create opportunities for.” 

WorkingStiff has been on the forefront of COVID safety-compliant productions having completed jobs since March for multiple State Lottery accounts, National Car Rental, Dare Foods, Purina and Stanley, Black & Decker to name a few. “We are professional ‘solutioners’ and have always practiced Safety-First,” Pittroff adds. “We are presented a challenge and we offer a solution and with the stakes higher than ever, we are working even harder to hold up our end of the deal.”

Pittroff and Blair’s short film Social Mediation written by advertising colleague Jeff Collins has been an official selection at the Portland Shorts Festival, L.A. International Shorts Festival, Toronto Shorts Festival where the film grabbed an “Audience Award” and “Best Comedy Short” laurels, as well as the Austin Comedy Shorts Festival where Pittroff took home the “Best Director” award.

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Pittroff humbly responds, “Lots of folks worked tirelessly to make it happen and I am just thrilled the film is getting seen. I hope it’s offering some much needed comic relief during this global goat rodeo,” he concludes.

SOURCE: WorkingStiff