Women rule in Moizel podcast, ‘She-Dynasty’


The Woo Agency’s, ECD/founder Valerie Moizel, has run the boutique shop for 20 years creating soup to nuts, all-minds-on-deck, invigorating work for global brands such as Warner Bros, Lenovo, LA Fitness and Niagara.

One look at the agency’s work and one can tell that the philosophy is about igniting and sparking a brand’s personality and extending that big idea to its target. It’s a passion that drives her.

It’s this same passion about women, and the success of women, and the celebration of women, that led Moizel to create her successful podcast, She-Dynasty.

Recorded in her Beverly Hills home, and sometimes a studio in New York, Moizel engages her peers in a candid discussion about inspiration, management, creativity, and mentorship. They reflect on their collective journeys using the She-Dynasty signature “4-S” roadmap – The Spark, The Snag, The Shift and The Success.

After a year and a half and 34 episodes, the results are inspiring and provocative conversations about female entrepreneurs, change-makers, c-suite executives, and leaders who are making their dreams a reality.

Beginning with a powerful drumbeat build, Valerie introduces us to her reason why, “Hi, I’m Valerie Moizel, and I’ve long dreamed of a space where I could interview successful women and hear them talk from their hearts about how they found their way…” And away we go for a brisk 50 or so-minute conversation.

There’s Beekeeper’s Natural CEO and founder, Carly Stein, talking about how she elevated her passion for bee-products from a hobby to thriving brand.

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Or Courtney Sanchez talking candidly about balancing motherhood and her C-Suite role at Vimeo.

In another episode, technology and beauty entrepreneur, Maile Pacheco, describes her journey to success.

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“I record in my home studio in Beverly Hills. I like the warmth of inviting the women to sit down and talk,” Moizel tells Reel 360, adding, “She Dynasty has a simple mission of women supporting women. Working in a male dominated field for for so many years, I have sat back and watched the power of how men network to advance their businesses and careers.”

Moizel then took us through her long-term goals for the audio series, “I believe the more we normalize women doing great things, the more opportunities we all have to succeed. I like to think of She Dynasty not as female empowerment, but as female celebration and inspiration. Female empowerment means women have something to prove and overcome. Female celebration means we are already great and that we are an important part of the conversation.”

Click here to find this and other episodes of She Dynasty. Episode 34 is a great one with Deutsch Los Angeles’ president Kim Getty.

She Dynasty is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

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