Woo Agency, DC redefine meaning of supergirl

When have you felt like a superhero?

That’s an ongoing question we ask ourselves from when we’re first in our underoos (TMI?) all the way up to when we’re in a conference room or a fire department.

It’s an especially important question that girls and women are asking and answering as equality and diversity have become tantamount issues these days.

Now, The Woo Agency, led by Valerie Moizel, has launched a campaign with Warner Bros and DC Superhero Girls that helps define and redefine for young women what it means to be a superhero in a sweet new campaign.

The agency’s research team discovered girls didn’t necessarily aspire to become emulate their favorite superheroes because of their superpowers. The characters were beloved for internal qualities girls saw in themselves.

Strength, kindness, intelligence – these were the powers that united and inspired.

Enter the campaign, “She’s Like Me.” Using the popular animated series, DC Super Hero Girls, the agency features the likes of Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Zantanna and Bumblebee in three videos of young girls heroically facing everyday situations.

What no Harley Quinn?

Directed by Maya Albanese, the spots each create moments that appeal to both kids and their parents, as we watch confidence build in the young actresses. Watch below:

DC Superhero Girls | She's Like Me – :30 Wonder Woman from Woo Agency on Vimeo.

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According to the agency, the spots quickly resonated with their audience, achieving millions of views. This supports the research the team discovered about the girls.

DC Superhero Girls | She's Like Me – :30 Bumblebee from Woo Agency on Vimeo.

“Empowering a younger generation of girls is not about changing perceptions. It’s about taking ownership of the transformative, powerful qualities our audience shares with the DC Super Hero Girls. When we exert the power to be strong, empathetic or helpful, the world is a better place and anything is possible,” says The Woo Executive Creative Director Valerie Moizel.

DC Superhero Girls | She's Like Me – :30 Batgirl from Woo Agency on Vimeo.

The campaign also features the photography of Josh Rossi (who rose to fame after photos of his young daughter dressed as Wonder Woman went viral).

(photography John Rossi)
(photogrpahy Josh Rossi)
(Photography Josh Rossi

Understanding that what they did behind the scenes should reflect the message being shared, Warner Bros and The Woo put together a largely female team to bring this vision to life.

This included WB’s internal staff, The Woo’s Executive Creative Director and Associate Creative Director-Writer, along with the Director, Editor, Producer, Director of Photography, Production Designer, and the entire cast.

Client: Warner Bros.
   Director, Franchise Management & Marketing: Ami Sandhu
   Vice President, Worldwide Franchise Management and Marketing: Kevin    Morris
   Manager, Worldwide Franchise Management & Marketing: Adam Bodenstein

Agency: The Woo
   ECD: Valerie Moizel
   ACD/AD: Brock Pisciotta
   ACD/CW: Amanda Wallace
   Executive Producer: Lorna Paul
   Production Manager: Ryan Anderson
   SVP, Managing Director: John Gibson
   Account Director: Erika Rosenwinkel
   Head of Strategy: Andrew Cagan
   Director: Maya Albanese
   Director of Photography: Laura Merians
   Production Designer: Melisa Myers

Editorial: Cosmo Street
   Editor: Julie Kravitz Gannon
   Animation Director: Mac Whiting

Composite: Baked Studios

Color: Baked Studios

Audio: 740 Sound


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