Women of ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’ talk

(Clockwise: Porscha Coleman, Corrine Foxx, Kyla Drew)

When Kyla-Drew first stepped into the role of Jamie Foxx’s TV daughter on the new Netflix sitcom Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!, she didn’t have to look far for guidance. 

But having the real-life inspiration for her character, Corinne Foxx, onboard as an Executive Producer had other benefits as well. “It’s very encouraging, as a Black teen growing up in the entertainment industry, to see that representation and to see people being recognized for their work who happen to be people of color,” says The Good Doctor and Jessie actress. 

In the comedy series, Jamie Foxx stars as a single dad forced to figure out fatherhood on the fly – with help from his dad (David Alan Grier) and sister (Porscha Coleman) – when his strong-minded teen daughter (Kyla-Drew) moves in with him.  Watch the trailer below:

Dad’s Women Bond

As the sole female executive producer, Corinne Foxx formed a support system with the women cast members. “Being the women in the production, we kind of have to lean on one another and support one another,” she says.

Corinne says she wanted to produce in order to create more roles for Black women on screen. “Now there’s a full scope of what being a Black woman looks like and what your role is,” she says. “You can be everything because that’s who we are.” Watch the insightful video below:

As an industry veteran, Coleman praised the series – and Hollywood – for making room for Black women to step into a multitude of roles, both on screen and behind the camera. “Growing up as a kid actress, I was honestly the only Black girl on a show,” says the actress, whose credits include The Parkers and Ballers. “Now to look at the shows that are on TV… it just shows how far we’ve come along and how women are, of course, letting their voices be heard.”

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! premieres on Netflix on April 14, 2021. The cast includes, Jamie Foxx as Brian Dixon, Rev. Sweet Tee, Cadillac Calvin and Rusty. Kyla-Drew as Sasha Dixon David Alan Grier as Pops Dixon, Porscha Coleman as Chelsea Dixon and Jonathan Kite as Johnny Williams.