Women for the Win releases new Amanda Stuck video

(Women for the Win release new campaign video for Amanda Stuck)

Women For The Win (WFTW) has released a new campaign video, this time for Amanda Stuck, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Wisconsin’s 8th District.

The video is a direct response to “Running,” released by Stuck’s opponent, Rep. Mike Gallagher, during his 2016 campaign. In it, he runs alone and his voice over is focused on one person: himself. Amanda Stuck’s 2020 video makes the contrast between the two candidates abundantly clear: She is running for the people. 

“I thought it was important to highlight the differences between our campaigns,” shares Stuck. “My campaign is about uplifting everyone in the community and not about myself. Watch the 1:21 minute video below:

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“When Amanda first described her opponent’s video and her desire to reimagine it, the difference between the two candidates became instantly clear,” notes WFTW Executive Director Jordan Zaslow. “She’s the one who will actually fight for the people of Wisconsin; they are the reason she decided to run for this seat.”

Currently serving in the Wisconsin State Assembly, Stuck was compelled to serve the people of Wisconsin because she can relate to the everyday struggles they face. She grew up in a working-class family in Appleton, Wisconsin, and at 19 she was a single mother working two jobs to put herself through college.

“This is a driven and purposeful campaign focused on the needs of the hard-working people of Northeast Wisconsin,” declares Stuck. “I think the video really shows that we’re going to continue to fight for the district no matter what obstacles we might face and that we are all in this together.”

“Amanda’s message is the core of what being a representative in the U.S. should be about: making sure you are a champion for every single one of your constituents, not just yourself,” adds Jessalyn Haefele, the Creative Lead on the project. “My hope is that we elect more leaders like her who truly care about the people in their district and see working as a representative for what it truly is — public service — and not personal gain.”

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“I think Jessalyn and the rest of the WFTW team did a fantastic job at encapsulating who I am and what my campaign stands for,” concludes Stuck. “I’m honored to have had the opportunity to work with everyone involved and receive their thoughtful support in my race for Congress.”

SOURCE: Hypeworld