Bob Greenberg named Vice Chairman of Whalar


Whalar, the London-based influencer marketing company that launched in 2016, has announced that the legendary founder of R/GA, Bob Greenberg, has joined the board as Vice Chairman.

Since launching in March 2016 the team at Whalar has grown to nearly 100 and is still the only influencer company to be an official partner of Facebook, Instagram and Snap with offices in Amsterdam, Austin, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, New York, Malaga and Singapore.

With a mission of ‘Liberating the Creative Voice’, coined by Whalar chairman and advertising legend Sir John Hegarty, the belief at Whalar is that when approached the right way, influencer marketing creates invaluable opportunities to make brand advertising more personable, more culturally relevant and more effective.

Bob Greenberg said, “I’m very proud to include Whalar as an alumnus of our R/GA Ventures program, and to now have an even closer participation as an investor and Vice Chairman. Whalar’s approach syncs perfectly with our ‘transformation at speed’ mantra – distributed, networked creative solutions that let them move faster on behalf of clients, and at considerably lower rates, without sacrificing quality.”

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In addition to Greenberg, two others were named to Whaler’s board. This includes Roxanne Taylor, who has been named amongst Forbes ‘World’s Most Influential CMO’s’ and Rob Horler, the former COO of Quantcast and former US CEO of Denstu Aegis.

Roxanne Taylor added, “I was impressed with the incredible job Whalar is doing at solving many of the challenges facing marketing executives today. Specifically, Whalar provides; a solution to reinvent the way creative is built for a mobile-first world, and access to a diverse talent pool that is agile, on-demand, multi-disciplined and available worldwide 24/7. When you consider the quality of the work being produced and combine that with the potential cost savings and speed versus legacy frameworks it’s not hard to see why Whalar is seeing strong demand and has grown so fast.”

Whalar says its approach to influencers is to work with those that they believe are representative of a new and exciting community of niche publishers that span all themes, communities and geographies. Whalar provides: a scalable and professional process that comes through the combination of our proprietary platform matched with the expertise of our experienced team.

Neil Waller, co-founder of Whalar, says: “It’s been a humbling journey in just 3 short years and I couldn’t be prouder of the team we’ve assembled, the investor base we have and the work we’re doing for our clients. However, what excites me most, we’re just getting started and with the addition of Bob, Roxanne and Rob to the Whalar family, I’m excited for what the future holds.”

Sir John Hegarty continued in a statement,“Whalar has seen the future and brands want to be part of it. By placing creativity at the heart of its offering Whalar are seeing dynamic growth. Managing that growth with best people is essential. Whalar wants to be the youngest grown up on the block. That’s why the appointment of Rob Horler as President & COO is a major coup, as is Bob Greenberg becoming vice President and Roxanne Taylor of Accenture joining the board, marks the next great phase in Whalar’s growth.”

Source: Whaler