WGA suggests legacy studios could break off from AMPTP

(Horror Writers Picket, Courtesy WGA)

In a recent update, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) has shed light on the ongoing strike and negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). The update reveals a stark contrast between the AMPTP’s lack of movement and the willingness of some studio executives to negotiate. Here are some key highlights from the update.

“In the 130 days since the WGA strike began, the AMPTP has only offered one proposal to the WGA, on August 11th,” the WGA reported.

Despite the WGA presenting its counterproposal on August 15th, the companies have not moved off their initial proposal, creating a standstill that the WGA attributes to “AMPTP paralysis.” “The studios and streamers bargaining together through the AMPTP have disparate business models and interests.”

While companies including Warner Bro. Discovery, Netflix, Paramount, Amazon, Sony, Universal and Apple are typically competitors in the entertainment industry, they united under the AMPTP umbrella when dealing with labor issues. However, the update argues that this unity often results in inflexibility and does not sufficiently represent the individual interests of member companies.

“In contrast, during individual conversations with legacy studio executives… we have had at least one legacy studio executive tell us they could accommodate us,” the WGA reported.

Private conversations with legacy studio executives have provided a glimmer of hope. Some executives have expressed a desire to negotiate and settle the writers’ issues, acknowledging the need to make concessions beyond the norm.

“We have made it clear that we will negotiate with one or more of the major studios, outside the confines of the AMPTP, to establish the new WGA deal,” the update emphasized.

The WGA has conveyed its readiness to engage in direct negotiations with major studios if required, stressing that there is no mandatory obligation for companies to negotiate through the AMPTP.


“The companies know the truth: they must negotiate if they want to end the strike,” the WGA asserted.

Despite potential resistance from the companies, the WGA believes that negotiations are the only path to ending the strike. It calls on the companies within the AMPTP to either take control of the negotiation process or consider negotiating separately, with the goal of reaching a resolution.

In a challenging time marked by strikes and uncertainty, the WGA acknowledges the pain and frustration experienced by its members and remains committed to achieving a fair resolution as swiftly as possible. As negotiations continue, the WGA’s negotiating committee and Board and Council members can be found on the picket lines, providing support to those affected by the strike.

The WGA concludes its update by promising further communication with members as developments unfold in this protracted labor dispute.

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