WGA calls on producers to reconsider locations with anti-abortion laws


With the almost 50-year-old landmark decision Roe v. Wade teetering on being overturned by the Supreme Court, forward-thinking companies and organizations are now responding. Last week, SAG-AFTRA issued a statement while UTA and WPP pledged to support women’s rights. Now the Writers Guild of America West (WGA) has come out with their response.

Founded in 1933, the WGA negotiates and administers contracts that protect the creative and economic rights of its members. It is involved in a wide range of programs that advance the interests of writers, and is active in public policy and legislative matters on the local, national, and international levels. For more information on the WGAW, please visit: www.wga.org.

Here, the WGA encourages producers and production companies to reconsider filming in states where women are barred or limited from having an abortion.

“In light of the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion on abortion rights, we want to reaffirm our Guild’s commitment to fighting on our members’ behalf against inequality and discrimination. Women’s rights are human rights, and any laws that ban or limit a woman’s right to choose are dangerous and set a precedent for further erosion of our collective civil rights. We call on our employers to consider the laws of each state when choosing production locations to ensure that our members will never be denied full access to reproductive healthcare.”

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WGA W Board of Directors supporting the measure are: President Meredith Stiehm, Vice President Michele Mulroney, Secretary-Treasurer Betsy Thomas, Liz Alper, Patti Carr, Robb Chavis, Adam Conover, Marjorie David, Travis Donnelly, Ashley Gable, Dante W. Harper, Eric Haywood, Deric A. Hughes, E. Nicholas Mariani, Zoe Marshall, Dailyn Rodriguez, David Slack, Patric M. Verrone, and Nicole Yorkin.

A decision is expected next month.

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