Wendy’s new sandwiches are anything but basic


Wendy’s AOR VMLY&R has launched a tasty new spot to launch the three new sandwiches appearing on the fast food restaurant’s menu.

The new menu items include the BBQ Chicken Sandwich, the Avocado BLT Chicken Sandwich, and the S’awesome Bacon Chicken Sandwich.

Hell to the yeah.

The :30-second spot, directed by VMLY&R’s Dummy director Harold Einstein, is a fairly simple execution. We are introduced to Mike’s world of gray, while his annoyed girlfriend tells him that she has discovered something new and exciting – Wendy’s Made to Crave” chicken – and homeboy is well, basic. Take a look below:

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Well, I’m now about to go wreck my diet and get me one of these.

Client: Wendy’s

Agency: VMLY&R
   Global, Chief Creative Officer: John Godsey
   Executive Creative Director: Derek Clark
   Creative Director: McKay Hathaway
   Associate Creative Director: Jennifer Farquharson
   Associate Creative Director: Eamon Conway
   Senior Producer: Michael Kinney

Production Company: Dummy
   Director: Harold Einstein
   Producer: Michael Kanter

Telecine Company: a52

VFX & Postproduction Company: Timber
   Creative Directors/Partners: Jonah Hall & Kevin Lau
   Executive Producer: Sabrina Elizondo
   Flame Artists: Miles Kinghorn, Chris DeCristo
   Flame Assists: Sarah Vigil-Bass, Alice Cen
   Producer: Jillian Lynes
   Production Coordinator: Brian Keegan

Editorial: Arcade Edit
   Editor: Sean Lagrange
   Assistant Editors: Paulo Miramontes, Josh Miller
   Executive Producer: Crissy DeSimone
   Producer: Alexa Atkin

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