Verizon creates 5G dome experience at Super Bowl

Ahead of this weekend’s Super Bowl , Verizon and Momentum have teamed with Tool and  eightvfx on a spectacular 5G dome experience at the Big Game Live activation space in Miami. The experience is complete with an immersive AR experience, volumetric football players and 5G features of the future, showing how Verizon’s 5G NFL stadiums are revolutionizing the live football experience. 

The full dome AR marketing experience showcases what Verizon can do to make NFL viewing more interactive. In other words, we ain’t missing a play.

The five-minute long content experience was brought to life by Tool’s experience team led by Creative Director Jordan Bahat along with eightvfx’s Aryel Melek-Shalom (VFX Supervisor), Adrien Servadio (Flame), and Jaguar Lee (Design).

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“Shooting with a 220 field-of-view has specific challenges,” says Baptiste Andrieux, Managing Director and EP of eightvfx. He adds, “You’re able to see everything. The clean-up had to be extensive. We had to do camera hook-ups between drone shots and crane shots, which proved to be challenging, but we worked it out successfully! 

Melek-Shalom added, “A lot of RnD was needed in order to make sure we had an efficient workflow. It was exciting to review our work in VR to get a closer understanding of the look and feel for game time.”

The amazing installation is open to the public through February 1.


CLIENT: Verizon

AGENCY: Momentum

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Tool of North America

  • Executive Producer: Adam Baskin
  • Supervising Producer: Max Knies 
  • Sr. Producer: Alice Oakhill
  • Creative Director: Jordan Bahat
  • Lead Experiential Creative: Ryan Hawthorne 
  • Sr. Interactive Designer: Spencer Fink
  • Technologist: Juan Ramon
  • Creative Technologist: NoComputer

VFX: eightvfx

  • On Set Supervisor: Yannick Leblanc
  • VFX EP: Baptiste Andrieux
  • VFX Producer: Christine Lawless
  • VFX Supervisor: Aryel Melek Shalom
  • Creative Director: Jaguar Lee
  • FX Artist: Yu Fuji
  • Flame Compositors: Adrien Servadio and Joe Chiao
  • Compositors: Alex Taylor & Shaun Tsou
  • Designer: Adam Singer
  • Animator: Thomas Lopez

SOURCE: eightvfx