On UAE’s 50th National Day, Emirates NBD creates constellation

(UAE’s new constellation)

In the past decade, the United Arab Emirates has progressed at an exponential pace. Recently, with the Expo 2020 in Dubai, tourism campaigns, and evolving societal and political policies, all eyes of media worldwide have been on the UAE.

So, on UAE’s iconic 50th National Day, FP7 McCann and Dubai Astronomy Group have teamed up with Emirates NBD, a leading UAE-based banking group in the MENAT region, to celebrate the country, its vision, its people and its future with an idea that raises its nation brand among the stars.

Creating The Emirates Constellation – the first constellation of stars in the world named after a nation – the team behind the idea analyzed star maps in the night sky and identified a group of stars in the shape of a map of the UAE and with the Dubai Astronomy Group, registered it. The shape consists of 7 stars each plotted to represent the 7 Emirates (states) of the UAE. 

An event at the Expo 2020 in Dubai on December 1 launched the idea through a film, starting and ending with the words and the memorial built for the Founder of the UAE – Sheikh Zayed – sharing the story behind this timeless tribute. The film is set to an astral rendition of the UAEs National Anthem, combining the traditional roots of the country with a space operatic feel.

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Commenting on the idea, Moadh Bukhash, Chief Marketing Officer at Emirates NBD said, “Inspired by the UAE’s sky-high ambition and successes, our idea gifts the people of the UAE ‘The Emirates Constellation’, a special place among the stars for our nation as it turns 50. The UAE has achieved so much in just five decades and guided by our founding fathers and the wise leadership of the the UAE, we hope that The Emirates Constellation will guide our future and inspire our people to continue to reach for the stars.”

Dr Hasan Al Hariri, President, Dubai Astronomy Group added, “We have been very excited to partner with Emirates NBD on this wonderful initiative that symbolically brings together the UAE’s past and its future. The Emirates Constellation is a representation of our progress, hope, unity and future   Being an idea that no country has implemented before, we had a challenging task on our hands. Our team mapped out the sky and existing constellations to identify the shape of the UAE map and select highly visible stars that would render its outline. We are delighted to have played a part in this fitting tribute to the UAE’s 50th anniversary.”

The film will also be promoted on social channels, cinemas and on news channels locally starting with the UAE National Day on December 2. On web and mobile, people can search the star maps to find “The Emirates” constellation. Integration into leading star gazing apps is under development. And on the website, people can share their own tributes that’ll go into an interactive star map. Social sentiments have been high. The idea is also being developed further with Guinness World Records during December. 


CLIENT: Emirates NBD

  • EVP, Head of Group Marketing & Customer Experience: Vikram Krishna
  • Chief Marketing Officer: Moadh Bukhash
  • Vice President – Group Media and Social: Mai Cheblak
  • Social Media Manager: Sanaz Samadi
  • Social Media Manager: Hind Al Ali


  • Constellation Creative Concept and Plan: Tahaab Rais
  • Chief Astronomer and President, Dubai Astronomy Group: Dr. Hassan Ahmad Al Hariri
  • Constellation Architect, Dubai Astronomy Group: Ameena



  • Business Leader: Vicky Kriplani
  • Regional Head of Strategy: Tahaab Rais 
  • Regional ECD: Oliver Robinson
  • Head of Arabic and Writer: Manar Munjed
  • Art Director and Constellation Designer: Nathalie Douleh
  • Account Manager: Riddhi Mayank
  • Junior Account Manager: Shakeb Ghanim
  • Integration Production Lead: Pratixa 
  • Agency Producer: Farha Moon
  • Retouch Artist: Amit Borawake
  • Editor: Amit Thakkar



  • Script, Screenplay and Film Director: Tahaab Rais
  • DOP: Mark Hobz
  • Executive Producer: Noor Dagher
  • Production Manager: Ziad Abou Zeid
  • Production Coordinator: Terry Chalouhi
  • 1st AD: Chady Asfour
  • Wardrobe Stylist & Props: Rami Hajj
  • Make Up Artist: Maryam Khoshabi
  • Assistant Art Department: Umar Hayat
  • Veil Artist: Hassan Karanouh
  • Gear House: Abdul Qadir
  • Focus Puller: Tony Ibrahim
  • Key Grip: Hrach Hagopian
  • Gaffer: Shareif Mohammed
  • Focus Puller: Tony Ibrahim
  • Sound Recordist: Kane Rodrigues
  • Location: Abboud




  • Composer: Joe Dickinson
  • Producer: Wilbur D’Costa (MangoJam)
  • Voiceover: Abdullah Junaibi 

Coloring & Grading: Karim Mira (LZRD)

GM – Post: Omnia Metwally (LZRD)

  • Head of CG: Anthony Geara
  • VFX Artist: Nicolas Kamel
  • VFX Artist: Nayan Chhaniyara
  • Editor: Mark Hayek