Tide declares NFL Sunday Nights “Not For Laundry”


For the NFL’s 100th season, Tide has given the familiar acronym a whole new unfamiliar meaning —

“Not For Laundry.”

Just in time for the premiere of Sunday Night Football on NBC, Procter and Gamble’s Tide partnered with the NFL and NBC to kick off a national debate about the best night to do laundry.

From Peyton Manning to Gwen Stefani to the cast of NBC’s hit sitcom, Superstore, there is a large debate raging.

The entire campaign came out of the insight that most people do laundry on Sunday night, which also coincides with live football. I’ve been there. So have you. We step away to put coins in the dryer and boom – missed the play.

The very original work comes from from Woven, Procter & Gamble Co.’s bespoke agency to handle the North America Fabric Care business. Woven incorporates creatives from sibling Leo Burnett, WPP’s Grey and other agencies. Powell Communications, Taylor and Marina Maher Communications are handling PR and sports communications.

Manning introduced the idea at a faux press conference below:

Not soon after, came a promo for The Voice, where irritated judge Gwen Stefani complains about the NFL’s plan about stepping on her time slot. In case you didn’t know, The Voice airs on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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Manning then came back to the podium to reluctantly apologize to the offended young singer from The Voice.

But then, the cast of Superstore was affected by the new announcement and broke into a panic.

Mashups like this are nothing new for Tide. It was two years ago they had an amazing Super Bowl appearance with their new campaign.

The debate will continue over the next four weeks with even more top celebrities and athletes involved. Fans can join in on the fun via their social platforms by choosing what night of the week they are siding with and using #LaundryNight.

SOURCE: The Drum