Ten super comic book moms with and without capes

(Helen Parr aka Mrs. Incredible)

Look, we all know that women, especially moms, are the true superheroes in our lives. Every day, they are called upon to be resilient, strong, caring and protect their families from whatever comes their way. From the moment they wake to the moment they sleep, moms battle traffic, stress from school and evildoers at work.

And after a long day, moms still manage to shower us with their superpower of love.

Moms are mythic and we love ’em at Reel 360. Which is why feel it is our duty to humanity to recognize these superheroines.

In honor of Mother’s Day, here is our list of amazing Supermoms.

Wanda Maximoff (Avengers)

Real talk, Wanda Maximoff is not the best mom. In Disney+’s WandaVision, she did take an entire town hostage in order to heal her grief from losing Vision in Avengers: Infinity War.

Not to mention her children, Thomas and William, are constructs created by Wanda herself. In the comics, Scarlet Witch does get some help from Mephisto.

Also in the comics, Wanda does lose her shit when Mephisto strips her memories of her kids and she destroys the Avengers in Avengers: Disassembled.

We still believe Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda will differ from the comics when she is eventually reunited with Speed and Wiccan. We think her mother’s love will prevail.

And that is the most powerful magic.

Deborah Grayson (Invincible)

Debbie Grayson (voiced by Sandra Oh) is in the unenviable position of being married to hero-turned-villain (spoiler) Nolan Grayson (aka Omni-Man) and the mother of hero-in-the-making Mark Grayson (aka Invincible).

While many superhero stories bench the mother after an inspirational comment or two, this is not the case of Debbie. Mark’s mom plays an integral role in the Amazon animated series in both Nolan and Mark’s lives. It’s a shame Nolan is such a dick.

Queen Ramonda (Black Panther)

Queen Ramonda (played by Angela Bassett in Black Panther and Avengers: Endgame) is T’Challa’s mother as well as the mom to brilliant sister Shuri. She exemplifies the poise, grace that is Wakanda.

The Queen stood by her son’s side when he became King of Wakanda, but was soon forced into exile when Erik Killmonger defeated T’Challa in ritual combat and took over the throne.

Ramonda fled with Shuri, Nakia and Everett Ross to Jabari Land. There, she was reunited with T’Challa, who she saved with the powers of the Heart-Shaped Herb.

That is a mom.

Queen Frigga (Thor)

Thor’s mother, Queen Frigga (Renee Russo), didn’t have much to do in the Phase One film. Like many moms on a Sunday, Frigga was dealing with her husband, Odin, in his Odinsleep. But Frigga did get a heroic moment as she fault for Asgard in Thor: Dark World, and tragically died at the hands of evil elf Malekith. Her tragic fall did inspire Thor and Loki to actually trust each other and take down the villain.

Aunt May (Spider-Man)

Let’s hear it for Foster Parents as this is National Foster Parent Month.

Aunt May may not be Peter Parker’s biological mother, but she raised him as her own son. Perpetually cash-strapped after her husband Ben is murdered, May worries constantly about Peter. She is the embodiment of the Spider-Man theme, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

May is a constant in all eight Spider-Man films. Rosemary Harris played the character in the Sam Raimi films. Sally Field took over the role in the two Amazing Spider-Man films.

Marisa Tomei made her first appearance as “hot aunt” May in Captain America: Civil War, and reprised her role as Peter Parker’s guardian in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

May also appeared in animated form (voiced by Lily Tomlin) in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Queen Hippolyta (Wonder Woman)

Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons (played by Gladiator’s Connie Nielsen) is the mother of Diana (Gal Gadot) in Wonder Woman, Justice League and Wonder Woman 1984.

Hippolyta raised her daughter Diana, conceived by Zeus, and adopted daughter, Donna Troy (Wonder Girl). The Queen did her best to shield Diana from the outside world, until WWI fighter pilot Colonel Steve Trevor crashed in the waters surrounding home, Themyscira.

When Diana chose to leave and save the world, Hippolyta was obligated, due to Themyscaran rule, to banish her daughter forever.

Lara Lor-Van (Superman)

Kryptonian Lara Lor-Van may not have lived long enough to see her baby, Kal-El, grow into Superman, but she was a critical part of the decision-making process to sacrifice herself (and daddy Jor-El) in order to save her baby’s life and send him to Earth.

Doomed Krypton’s loss was earth’s gain, as this mother gave the planet a hero. Above, Ayelet Zorer played a far fiercer version of Lara in Man of Steel.

Elastigirl (The Incredibles)

Helen Parr (a.k.a. Elastigirl or Mrs. Incredible) literally has to juggle motherhood and fighting villains like Mirage, Syndrome and The Underminer.

As a mom, Helen displays grit, bravery and is super devoted to her family. She is voiced by Holly Hunter.

Martha Kent (Superman)

Martha Kent may not have given birth to Clark, but she did make the ultimate FOSTER MOM. Since May is National Foster Care Month, we say Martha is the second greatest mom.

Martha, unable to bear her own children, is tasked with raising the greatest superhero in the DC or Marvel universe Superman. But for Martha, even with his heat vision, super strength, flight, X-ray vision, super breath, Kal-El is just Clark.

Martha and Jonathan made it their responsibility to raise Clark with a sense of right and wrong. In Man of Steel, we got to see a much younger Martha (played by Dianne Lane) show a terrified Clark how to use his newfound abilities.

Sarah Conner (The Terminator)

Of course Sarah Conner has to be our number one mom. Not only did she give birth to the savior of the future (if you ignore Terminator Genysis and Dark Fate) John Conner, Sarah has to constantly battle murderous terminators arriving from the apocalypse.

Whether she is 27 (Linda Hamilton’s age in Terminator) or 63 (Hamilton’s age in Terminator: Dark Fate), I think we can all agree the actress created one badass mom!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the supermoms out there!

The Geek is a working screenwriter, director and screenwriting instructor.