Ted Lasso’s Nick Mohammed in new iPhone short


Apple is continuing its journey to help the world understand why privacy matters in the latest ‘Privacy. That’s iPhone’ campaign from TBWA\Media Arts Lab. In the latest installment, Apple teams up with Ted Lasso star Nick Mohammed.

The spot sees Apple calling out the $227 billion-a-year data economy. Every day, people go about their lives unaware that their data is being harvested and used to track them.

The light-hearted short, ‘A Day in the Life of an Average Person’s Data’ highlights iPhone features that allow users to take control of their privacy. 

Apple specialist, Von, guides us through the features as he follows Nick who is, according to himself, ‘somebody who’s clearly not average, but actually really quite clever, well-read, photogenic and more famous than the moon’.

The spot opens on a new day in Nick’s flat. As he gets up and ready, Apple specialist Von pops in and follows Nick, narrating and explaining iPhone’s privacy features as he goes about his day as a ‘not average’ person: using email to request to be a magazine cover star, asking the internet to make him taller, using third party apps and finally using Apple pay to purchase t-shirts that ‘make you look like you have a six pack’.  Watch below:


The film explains how data brokers can secretly collect personal information and how the iPhone’s variety of privacy tools help you take back control of data. 

The film highlights key iPhone privacy features, including:

  • Mail Privacy Protection – hides your IP address and loads remote content privately in the background. This makes it harder for senders to follow your mail activity.
  • Intelligent Tracking Prevention – limits advertisers from following you across the web.
  • App Tracking Transparency – Helps you control who tracks your data and who doesn’t.
  • Wallet & Apple Pay – Your purchases stay off the record, Apple doesn’t store or have access to your card numbers or transaction information.

The campaign will appear online and on social media.

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