Supercuts is ready to fix yours after #Quarantrim

(Welcome to #Quarantrim)

Supercuts is doing their part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 with a temporary closure of their salons. People are taking matters (and scissors) into their own hands, cutting their own hair and posting it online. The results are… how do we put this delicately… Hilarious. A ray of sunshine against an otherwise cloudy sky.

The hair styling salon franchise teamed up with Minneapolis-based production company, CRASH+SUES to create a series of spots that let viewers know that their stylists will be there for them – whether they botched their own haircut or are just a little more scruffy than normal. Finding user-generated content is one thing, securing rights for it is another.

CRASH+SUES’ team of producers led by Sam Fischer and Ben Oberg, searched the web far and wide to find and secure clips to use. Eric Riggs handled the creative direction while Preston Stevens led the Art Direction. Watch the Supercuts videos below:

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“It’s always been my sincere pleasure to work with the crash and Sue’s team I pitched them the brief for this project within 24 hours they delivered the standout concept they finish the project in a week literally handling everything they could have done it even faster if I would have been better at responding to their emails!” ~ Melissa Amponsah ~ Associate Vice President, Supercuts.

Mistakes have been made. Thankfully, when this is over, Supercuts will be there. And we will need them.

SOURCE: Crash+Sue’s