Spot Welders, Shipping+Handling get their Hustle


Editorial house Spot Welders and post-production studio SHIPPING + HANDLING have appointed Hustle as its West Coast and Texas sales reps.

Hustle, founded by Anya Zander and Jake Neske, whose West Coast live-action and post-production division is led by partner Mike Lobikis, is a leading bi-coastal based talent agency repping world class talent in live action content, post-production, design, animation, interactive/ experiential to advertising agencies, brands, and media companies across the nation.

The current team of editors at Spot Welders consists of: Catherine Bull, Robert Duffy, Benjamin Entrup, Haines Hall, Michael Heldman, Mischa Meyer, Erin Nordstrom, Matt Osborne, and Paul Sabater. Here are a couple of Spot Welder’s spots:

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“It’s always an honor to work exceptional, world class talent and Spot Welders and SHIPPING + HANDLING represents exactly that,” says Hustle’s Lobikis. “On a personal level, I’m very excited to be working with David Glean and Carolina Padilla again because I know how dedicated they are to the craft and to servicing their clients. In a time where we’re seeing seismic changes across the industry, they’re prepared for the future and understand what it takes to be at the top.”

At SHIPPING + HANDLING, the roster of VFX, animation, color, and finishing creatives and artists includes Casey Price, Jerry Spivack, Scott Friske, Matthew Schwab, and Michael Pethel. And here is an example of their work;

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Spot Welders and SHIPPING + HANDLING Managing Partner Glean adds, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with our friend and colleague Mike Lobikis again, after working with him nearly 10 years ago on the East Coast. Mike and the entire Hustle team are full of vision and immense experience in this evolving world of creativity and new media. They have curated an extraordinary list of talent we’re honored to be a part of and as we evolve and prepare for the future of this industry, we are excited at Hustle being a part of our journey and communicating our company’s goals and involvement within the space.”

Hustle handles bicoastal representation for several production clients including Partizan, Chromista, London Alley, and Neighborhood Watch in addition to its East Coast duties for Ruffian, Tool of North America, Sweet Shop, and Little Minx.

SOURCE: Spot Welders